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I never meant it to be this way.

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👋 Time for me to step back from being the over-present face of FRAHM Jacket on this website and our Instagram and Facebook
I never meant it to be this way.
6 years ago, this image of Willem Dafoe was the first reference I used to describe to myself what FRAHM’s photography should look like.
We’ve obviously not gone down that vibe, though you’ll see that craggy direct to camera ‘This is me’ from our portraits:
For 6 years I’ve worked on all FRAHM’s imagery and copy, often doing it myself, often using professionals. But always based on what I thought FELT right. My truths. 
Today Simon Hearn and Harry Longstaff join FRAHM together as our new creative team.
I am so relieved I could cry.
I am sick of talking about myself too much! Sick of my own face on our feed. Sick of not giving my team what they need, on time. Sick of hitting 4pm on Friday, too tired to finish a newsletter.
Today we begin the process of freeing myself from bonds of my own making. A trap, where I had become so effective, we always used me.
I’m not effective because I’m brilliant. I’m effective because I mean it. I’m honest. You can see it. You’re not stupid.
But it’s taken its toll. I am a shy person. I don’t want to share my entire life.
In the coming weeks and months you will see more of the jackets design & manufacturing process, which it is INSANE we don’t show more of.
Because it is fascinating. Because the complexity and lengths we go to are astounding.
We will start to talk about the fascinating real lives, both tough and beautiful, of men far more interesting than I. Honestly.
Not puff pieces. Not glitzy influencers’. Not cynical paid partnerships.
Only with men who care. Like me. We’re going to be a whole lot more interesting.
We’ve a new website coming from WIRO | Shopify Plus Agency and recent new employee Joe Leeder which will make it easier for you to find stuff.
You’ll be able to read the things you enjoy. See behind the scenes. Learn what makes a FRAHM pocket better than other pockets.
So much to talk about!
But I won’t do most of it. Thank the sweet lord. I’m going to run FRAHM better and better.
Hire more amazing folks. Build events you can meet us at. Expand our horizons. Jackets only, of course! 
But wait!! I’m not disappearing altogether. I know many of you love my posts, my writing & way of talking. I’ll be popping up with founder stuff. Less, better. Focus! You can also follow me over on Linkedin.
I cannot fecking wait.
You’ll love it. Nick. ✌️

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