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FRAHM Loyalty & Referral Scheme

We don't do sales discounts at FRAHM. But do we now offer discounts to our customers. 

We want to reward you for helping us, whether by buying a jacket or spreading the word. There is no more important customer than an existing customer. No better way to sell jackets than recommendation. You are our bedrock.

So we've started a loyalty and referrals scheme. You can call them "BRIBES WITH A SMILE!".

The currency we've created is actually called "FRAHM Pounds". Genius huh?

Joking apart, we've tried to keep the system as simple as possible, whilst rewarding all the actions that help. You can pop onto our website and start browsing the app now, or, they're listed below.

Frahm pounds loyalty scheme

Just login or create an account, then you're off:

frahm pounds loyalty scheme

All existing customers have been updated with any FRAHM Pounds they've earned already. If you think there's a discrepancy (it's a new system, and we're stupid) then just pop us an email on or live chat here (bottom right).


  • 1 FRAHM Pound for every actual £ you spend. So a Harrington gets you 295.
  • 20 for following @frahmjacket on Instagram
  • 20 for your birthday.
  • 30 for signing up for an account online.
  • 50 for reviewing a jacket.


  • 5% off a purchase with 50 FRAHM Pounds.
  • 10% off with 300.
  • 15% off with 600.


  • You receive a £25 off a purchase when someone new uses your link.
  • They also receive £25 off at the same time.

You can accumulate referral discounts...Just reward for your help. Thank you.

Just click on the box in the bottom left. Enjoy!



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