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Our packaging was letting us down. I'd wanted to change it for ages, but Emmalou did what she does best, kicked my arse and made it happen. Behold, it is here!

Large: Thermal Jackets / Medium: Utility Field Jackets, Woodland, etc / Small: Workshirts & Scarves

It was created by Jamie & Phil of Supple Studio in Bath, design studio to The Big Brands (and not so big). I was very flattered when I asked and Jamie, founder said he'd do it. From loads of ideas, we picked the beetles immediately. Masculine but beautiful, tough yet fragile.

Talking of fragile, we wanted a message about mental health. This is the tape used to seal the boxes

Jamie is a long-time customer and multiple FRAHM owner, since launch. We'd been design flirting since then...

I'd also been wanting icons to use in imagery. Essentially a brand elements package. I'd created the FRAHM logo and tag line and needed some professional help to expand our brand assets. 

FRAHM icons, with the dot you'll see at the bottom of our F. It was my hint at a question mark. About thought, doubt, exploration, curiosity

Here's what Jamie Ellul says:

"As a bit (read lot) of a FRAHM Fanboy this was a dream project for Supple. Phil (our Design Director) and I both worked on the Frahm brief independently, as Phil’s been working from home. We’d chatted before starting the packaging ideas and agreed that whatever we came up with had to encapsulate the Tough Beautiful mantra – reinforcing the tag line visually. Catching up on Zoom the next day to share our initial ideas, the first one on the Miro board (digital whiteboard we’ve been using since lockdown) was the beetle thought – and unusually both of us had sketched the same thing. 
We went through all our other ideas, but really that was the one that really nailed it. And the fact we both thought of it independently really cemented the idea in our heads. Nick had said FRAHM was becoming much more about getting outdoors and into nature. The healing balm that is the great outdoors. So the beetle images really hit the tough, beautiful, nature trio right on the head. 
Part of Nick’s brief was also to give a nod to the mental health aspect of the brand – but without being too preachy. We came up with the ‘Open Up’ copy line as something to sit on the opening flap of the packaging. But Nick and Emmalou came up with the idea of using the line for the tape that seals the packs. We love it when the client gets stuck in and helps problem solve. The project was in and out of the door in under two weeks – which to me is proof of a good brief, a brave client and us just ‘getting’ each other. 
Every customer receives an individual owner's certificate, each hand signed by me (that's a lot more signing than I'd considered these days!) We also send our pre-order owner's certificates on request, if you're giving someone a pre-order as a present
For the icons we wanted to create a set that felt harmonious with the FRAHM logo. The distinctive dot at the bottom of the F was something we incorporated into our initial designs. Nick liked the initial set but felt they were a ‘bit chunky and curvy’ and made the point that Frahm designs are all about the angles. That got us thinking about the distinctive pocket corner angles which are very Frahm. Bringing these angles into the icon set really made them feel bang on brand. Again another lovely bit of input from Nick. Dream job, dream client. Can’t wait for the next one."
Everyone is made up, you get gorgeous new packaging that we're finally proud of, and it's cuddles all-round!
Only problem is now our little office is stuffed to the rafters with boxes and we can't move again. Another new office within a few months?? Argghhh.
I hope you like it as much as we do?

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