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I launched FRAHM in 2018 knowing pre-orders were our future.

The clothing business has a stupid cash model. You save up your cash, spend it all on stock you don’t know if you’re going to sell, and if you’re lucky you sell a decent amount of it at full price.

But not all. A decent chunk, the stuff you got wrong (everyone gets it wrong) goes into a Big Sale. Problem is, you and I know this. We wait for Sales. So the brand now sells ever more at discount than full price.

Except they need to sell stuff at full price to pay the bills. They’re not hitting targets, so they do another Sale, to drive revenue. Which means we the consumer wait for EVEN MORE for Sales.

It’s a trap!

 Earlybird discount available on the Harrington Racer Jacket until 16th January 2023.

When I started FRAHM I knew that I wanted to remain independent. I had £20K from my best mate Jason to kick FRAHM off. That was it. How could I build amazing jackets, without massive sales periods, without raising Big Money and losing our independence? 


I wanted to build jackets and a business that I was proud of, and could always be. That I could go to bed at night feeling good about.

The choice to do pre-orders was obvious. But it’s not easy to sell that way. It was going to take me years (as it has now done!) to create such a strong brand reputation that we’d sell up to a year in advance (I had decided to make each style only once a year, every year).

So when I launched, a househusband working from my back room at home, I decided to very clearly reward you for pre-ordering. 20% off until it arrives. Dead easy. It worked!

But it was so simplistic it wasn’t a true reward for pre-ordering, because I place factory orders 6-9 months ahead.

Earlybird discount available on the Foreign Correspondent Jacket until 16th January 2023. 

Cut to 2022. We have an incredible 5 Star reputation. Most FRAHM Owners own at least 2 jackets. We sell an amazing proportion of our jackets as soon as they’re launched, 12 months ahead. 

But not all. What about the ones that sell a couple of days before they arrive?!

Then it became so obvious I felt silly not to have done it this way, before. That we become a true pre-order rewarding model by rewarding orders placed before WE place them. Pre-orders come before I place the factory orders. This many Military Green Large. That many Navy Blue XL Tall, etc. 

Practically speaking, that means you can order any option with 20% off up until Earlybird ends. Then, if you do want anything, there be limited options available at full price. 

Meanwhile, we need to transition to the new discount timetable. We’ve added easy to understand  (I hope!) timelines like the one below, and warning timers to each page. We’ll get better at this, with your feedback.


An example of a product timeline for the waxed lightweight workers jacket.

It’s unfair to just cut off the 20% now, on products I’ve already placed orders for. That’s everything arriving before September. So, we’ll give you the 20% anyway, until the 16th January 2023. 

Then, after the 16th Jan, all those designs are full price. Any discounts on factory-ordered stock will come from our Loyalty & Referrals Scheme, only.

Every product page now features a timer to let you know exactly how long the Earlybird will run for. 


And that’s the rhythm. Buy before factory - get 20%. Buy after, normal price. True pre-order rewards.

We help you help us. We treat you as friends. We help each other. No BS, we just tell you how it is, complete transparency. 

We are Slow Style. Not Fast Fashion

Better things come to those who wait, who invest wisely. FRAHM Owners are of that mindset.

Thank you so much, we’re here for your questions. (Live chat is the best way!)

Enjoy a fairer FRAHM for us and for you,



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