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As our first full year comes to a close, it’s a time to plan for the future.

Hindsight tells us we need to remove the 20% discount on pre-orders, that we instigated back in March.

To be fair, we’ll wait and give you until the 31st January 2020 to take advantage of the 20%, then we'll change it back to the original prices.


How come?

We’d always said we wouldn’t discount - hell, it written on our wall. A founding tenant. A Commandment.

Except we did, didn’t we? I’ve always thought of it as a thank you gift, not a discount. Thank you! “You pre-ordered from our tiny new company, so here’s a token of our appreciation.” But a % is a %.

Problem is, we didn’t build our jackets with this % in mind. We built jackets to beat the big brands, by packing them with detail, quality, longevity and great service. We didn’t think that this gift could end up making these lofty ideals difficult. We’re all about offering the best, not compromising to ‘okay’. I don’t do ‘okay’. It's not why I started FRAHM and not how I design.

We design products that are worth every penny. We’re not making jackets that we throw a high price onto, splash it liberally with lifestyle marketing, then discount them at Sale time so it looks like you're getting a bargain. We are proud and confident in what we sell, and that’s borne out in the incredible reviews.

I will never reduce quality. That thought makes me feel ill. I want to add even MORE, not start doing less.

We’re playing a different game:

  • We make a few jackets, worth every penny.
  • You can pre-order to reserve, before it runs out.
  • We take a fair price and do kind things, like Mind donations.

You can do that when you’re small, when you care and you charge a fair price.


Do enjoy the 20% for a bit longer. Thank you for bearing with us as we grow and find out feet through the end of our first full year. Always learning!


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March 25, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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