25, June, 2018

We promise to give £10 to charity for every jacket sold, from our pocket not yours, whatever the price it's sold at.

Why? Businesses and brands can in a small way, promote kindness and DO good, not just sell stuff, or make things worse. Can't they? Shouldn't they?

We feel all businesses should give back. Not just monetarily, but in thoughts and deeds. We have a responsibility to act better, because businesses are human organisms and brands can have a worrying amount of power to do good, or bad.

Plus, selfishly, it makes us feel better about selling, err, jackets. They're great jackets, but they won't save the world. They're just jackets.

We can help attitudinally as well as practically. For us, that might mean talking in accessible, unfiltered ways about real, fallible, strong but equally fragile people. We've all suffered tragedy and pain. Some much more than others. We can show empathy and we can DO empathic things.

It means, without finger wagging or becoming hectoring in tone, that we address important issues like toxic masculinity, trolling, mental health, women's rights and a bunch of other vital stuff. Hopefully in an engaging, entertaining (if appropriate) and humane way.

With the £10, we wanted to do 'nice things' but it felt too wooly. One thing we've learnt in years of doing this is be clear, to yourself and to others. It's best to make a definite commitment. If times are tough, we stick to it. Done.

We're talking to charities about working with them. Not just to give them money but to help out. How is not settled, but we do know we're most interested in the human side of charity work: Disadvantaged or abused kids, mental health, disability and our personal obsession... creating opportunities and positive relationships for kids that have little or nobody to cling to. That one interaction, loving act or person who change a downward trajectory into an upward.

We're finding the right people and organisations to work with. We'll let you know what's next before the first jackets arrive.

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Podcast #1 - Founder Nick Hussey

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Contains swearing & mild amusement.

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FRAHM Jacket 1 is inbound. Here are the first images.

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FRAHM Size Guide

frahm jacket logo small

We cut our jackets for movement. We've subtly altered classic tailoring with fabric darts, more room in the shoulders and longer arms. This makes them useful for cycling, hiking or evading velociraptors.

If you are very tall, or want to wear heavy layers (like thick jumpers) under your jacket, go for the size up. But they're not cut tight, so a normal sweater underneath will be fine.

Your best guide to size is your favourite existing jacket or suit jacket. Otherwise, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your chest and shoulders (no tensing), underneath your armpits.






91-96 cm



96-102 cm



102-107 cm

Extra Large (XL)


107-112 cm

Extra Extra Large (XXL)


112-117 cm

Any questions? Just ask on

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