Why We Never Discount

Why We Never Discount

Or, "Why FRAHM never discounting is actually good news for you."

The big decision you make before buying a FRAHM Jacket (or not) is about price and perceived value.

Retailers are constantly trying to persuade you something is worth more, but reducing it's price to draw you in. That's the game. Our game is to rip that open and do it differently.

Our jackets aren’t cheap but they’re ARE great value.... How does THAT work??

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Discounting.

We don’t discount. Ever. It's on the office wall:

Frahm jacket no discounting ever on office wall

Which on the face of it, makes us lunatics. But we have a different way of doing business. One that benefits you.

Heh, we do this too. We look for a discount code, or wait for a Winter Sale, etc. There’s no point with FRAHM.

It’s best if we get this across now. We don’t do them. Won’t. It’s part of our DNA. Sorry.

Wait, we shouldn’t apologise… It’s all about the REAL value of a garment. Not the falsity of discounting something that was never worth that to begin with.

A £395 FRAHM Jacket is not the same beast as a £395 Mega-brand jacket.

Frahm jacket no discounts zip detail harrington racer

The quality and detail displayed on this Harrington Racer Jacket is not normally accessible at our price point, because the margins have to be far higher, to account for planned discounting by big brands. Corners are cut.

Major brands are built on the presumption you’ll make most of your profit in discounted sales periods. Winter Sales, Summer Sales, Black Friday, etc. They do all these sales for volume, fast growth, and because they over-buy garments with extremely high margins to account for Sales, and selling to wholesalers. They can afford to discount because that's built into strategy.

They have to discount to clear stock, or to sell bulk to retailers. We know this because we’ve been IN that environment. It stuck in the throat. It made us think. Hell, it’s bad for these huge brands. It’s killing them slowly. Because EVERYONE waits for the Sales....

They’re forever trapped in that cycle. It’s like a Cold War of ever deeper discounts. But it’s you who suffers.

That money comes out of quality, to maintain margins.

Is that really a discount then?

Instead, we built FRAHM on an ultra simple template. We only make a very limited range of very high-end jackets. Thus, the best, most detailed, most loved and considered product we can possibly create. We only make 100 at a time. Simple and small means safety and longevity for us.

We don’t have enough stock to sell any at discount anyway. We’re not trying to be massive or to hit huge growth figures. We sell them at full price, so we know our costs and it's safe and lower stress. It’s all terribly safe and solid because FRAHM was built to support two guys and their families. That’s all we need.

It’s the discipline not to be greedy. To build it slowly and carefully. To do it the way that makes us most proud.

It also means that with time we know a FRAHM customer like you, who values quality and longevity, will buy a FRAHM Jacket when they’re ready to buy one. Not hang on until the next Sale period.

That’s good for us, and you. You get a jacket when you need it. We sell stuff all year round.

For you this means £395 worth of jacket really IS £395 worth of jacket. You buy it when you want it. No waiting for sales in your knackered old coat through a chilly December. No getting pissed off when it’s half price two weeks later. No factoring in huge margins to support big costs and bigger discounting, for a product that’s really only half as good.

 It means you get a true £395 jacket. Not one that’s ‘really’ worth £200, the Sale price. A FRAHM Jacket is comparative to a £600, even a £800 MegaBrand jacket.

What we make is exceptional. It’s exceptional because it’s a small business that obsesses over detail. No big investors or corporate orders. No internal pressures, except the day to day challenges of running a business.

You get a better jacket for the money. Longer lasting. More detailed. Better materials. Better cut. Better fit. Kinder. Something rare and special.

 That makes us happy. It’s why we’re here. It’s why we love to see those 5 Star reviews. We worked very very hard for them.

We don’t discount. Our jackets are worth what we ask.

 Unsure of anything? Do get in touch on hello@frahmjacket.com.

Do please also comment below. Good or bad. Just keep it polite! Thank you!

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FRAHM Size Guide

Frahm jacket logo


FRAHM jackets are cut casual, for movement. We've subtly altered classic tailoring for more room in the shoulders and longer arms. Our jackets do not have a restrictive 'fashion' cut. 

Our best guide to size is your favourite existing jacket or suit jacket. Look for the inches or CM, not the "medium" or "large", as these definitions differ wildly between brands.

If you don't know your size, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your chest and shoulders (no tensing), underneath your armpits. 

If you have a really muscular or chunky build, or want to wear heavy layers (like thick jumpers) under your jacket, we recommend you go for the size up. 

"Long" sizes for particularly tall men offer exactly the same jacket, with significantly longer arms and torso. 

If you have any questions or concern you are an unusual fit, email the designer Nick on hello@frahmjacket.com and he will discuss sizing with your personally.

FRAHM Jacket size chart


CHRIS: Size Medium. 39" chest. 5'9". 76kg. Slim, athletic physique.

FRAHM Jacket utility field chris blakeston

NICK: Size Large. 42" chest. 5'11". 88kg. Chunky, muscular physique.

FRAHM jacket harrington racer nick hussey


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