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This is a pre-order payment to save 20%.

Jackets will arrive early October 2019. Pre-payments and deposits are refundable if you change your mind. Full details here 

The FRAHM Harrington Racer Jacket is built tough but sleek, for urban living & commuting, whether by bicycle, moped or cafe racer.

We’ve innovated an all time British Mod-style classic, the Harrington Jacket. It is subtly modernised to make it harder wearing, more comfortable for active movement, totally washable, with a hell of a lot of performance and versatility for something so good looking .

Constructed from machine washable waxed fabric, it will gradually develop a worn look, as with all waxed jackets, but without any reduction in performance or the oily inconvenience of old school waxed fabrics.

The fit is ‘tailored athletic’. Not unrealistically tight, not loose, just right. The sleek Jet Exhaust vent sits between the shoulder that have extra space built in, for cycling or chin-ups. The arms are longer, for real-world movement.

Weather range from 6c (room for light layering) to 20c, wind, showers or light rain. 

£10 from each jacket sold will be donated to Mind mental health charity.

Customer Reviews

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Lives up to it's pre-launch anticipation!!!

What better welcome back after an 82km gravel (or cyclocross as it used to be called!!) cold, wet ride could there be than the much anticipated arrival of the new Frahm Harrington Racer?? Couldn't resist sticking it on over mud spattered clothing (hey, it's washable, why not??!!) - I'm 1.78m tall, 64kgs/ flyweight climbers build (though lacking an ability to climb!) and the small fits perfectly, over a couple of layers and the longer than "normal" sleeves work perfectly with the pre-shaped sleeves/ elbows...and the fabric (I'm from Yorkshire originally, clearly this waxed/ washable fabric is the masterful invention of God's own county!!) is a great balance of ruggedness without the clammy/ sticky Barbour/ Belstaff overtly waxed offerings - I can safely sit on the car seats of friend's cars safe in the knowledge I won't leave behind a candles worth of wax!) - despite my post ride tiredness I forced myself to walk around the block...in the rain/ sleet - again, great mix of breathability/ non-crinkly movement and rain shedding... if I didn't live 123km from my office I wouldn't hesitate to commute in this...definitely a great combination of practical bike/ off-bike mix. What more can I add...if you're dithering, don't- go ahead pronto and buy one...in the style of early Maillot Jaune winners I will probably sleep in this tonight!

Thanks for the amazing review Mark. It's not a cycling specific jacket, but it's practicality and the technical thinking we put into it shows in the result. Grazie mille.

I have today received Harrington jacket in M size. It looks really great, materials and workmanship are first class!. Sleeves are a bit longer than normal (compared to several Castelli and Gore cycling jackets that I own) and a bit narrower near the shoulders, but the fit is very good. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for our first ever harrington review Hrvoje! So glad you like the jacket so much.
Like a long lost brother

I love it. I wasn’t sure when I order it but the fit is delightful, it looks great and it keeps me beautifully warm.

It’s as good whilst cycling around town or watching the footie.

Thanks to the Frahm team, one very happy new customer. I’m looking forward to seeing what over clothes you make.

Brilliant! Thanks Andy. I'm running out of original ways to say thanks, so err, danke!

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FRAHM Size Guide

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FRAHM jackets are cut casual, for movement. We've subtly altered classic tailoring for more room in the shoulders and longer arms. Our jackets do not have a restrictive 'fashion' cut. 

Our best guide to size is your favourite existing jacket or suit jacket. Look for the inches or CM, not the "medium" or "large", as these definitions differ wildly between brands.

If you don't know your size, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your chest and shoulders (no tensing), underneath your armpits. 

If you have a really muscular or chunky build, or want to wear heavy layers (like thick jumpers) under your jacket, we recommend you go for the size up. 

"Long" sizes for particularly tall men offer exactly the same jacket, with significantly longer arms and torso. 

If you have any questions or concern you are an unusual fit, email the designer Nick on hello@frahmjacket.com and he will discuss sizing with your personally.

FRAHM Jacket size chart


CHRIS: Size Medium. 39" chest. 5'9". 76kg. Slim, athletic physique.

FRAHM Jacket utility field chris blakeston

NICK: Size Large. 42" chest. 5'11". 88kg. Chunky, muscular physique.

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