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Utility Field Jacket

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Military Green
Fisherman Yellow


An extremely tough yet stylish and versatile jacket for everything from dashing between meetings in rain showers through to dog trekking from a hilltop pub.

We’ve innovated a British military classic, the waxed field jacket. It’s subtly modernised to make it comfortable for active movement, washable, odourless, breathable, with loads of storage, for versatility and minimal fuss.

There is a LOT of detail here, from the carefully thought-through reinforced pockets, right down to the intricate herringbone care label.


Constructed from machine washable waxed fabric, it will gradually develop a worn look, as with all waxed jackets, but without any reduction in performance or the oily inconvenience of old school waxed fabrics.

The fit is ‘tailored athletic’. Not unrealistically tight, not loose, just right. The vented shoulders have extra space built in and the arms are longer, for real-world movement.

Weather range are 2c (room for a thick jumper) to 18c, in high winds or rain showers.

£10 from each jacket sold will be donated to Mind mental health charity.

      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

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      Take all my money

      This is my third Frahm jacket this year. And I have another workers jacket on pre-order. I’ve got a really problem. The problem I have is these jackets are just so effing good. I’ve been getting rid of cheaper stuff I’ve bought and don’t wear much. I’m getting into the ‘own less but better’ approach to clothes. This utility jacket is probably my favourite so far (I started my addiction with the gateway drug the Harrington). Like t Harrington it has a great cut. Especially the angled sleeves. The waterproofing got a good testing on my cycle home the other night. It definitely works. But not for anything too torrential. All in all it’s bloody ace and worth the higher price point. Reckon I’ll still be wearing it in 20 years.

      Utility Field Jacket

      I have owned dozens of high end jackets over the years, I am a proper Jacket Junkie, so I was excited to read about FRAHM, the products and the ethos of the business. I ordered the UFJ in February and received it in September as I had preordered the XL Long. I am 6’4” and 100kg but I would not consider myself to be a big build. However it was a good job I took the advice on going for the Long fit as this is still only just long enough, the fit is literally perfect but a few MM shorter would have been no use. If you are tall or have a long back of like a longer jacket then you need to go for the Long Fit. The Jacket is exceptional quality, I have worked in the clothing industry in the past and know the effort it takes to produce a garment of this quality at this price point in relatively small numbers. FRAHM of done an amazing job achieving it. The Fabric is fantastic and I already know its going to age well and get better looking. The inner liner is lovely and really helps when putting the jacket on and off. I have quite long arms and have always hated jackets that ride up when I am driving. I love the style of the arm on the UFJ with its scalloped wrist and articulated elbow, its the only jacket i have ever owned that I am truly happy with the way the sleeve sits. The soft fleeced lining of the inner wrist is great also. The hardware all feels supper strong and looks like its going to last a life time, one small niggle is the two neck poppers are not the easiest to fasten but its only a small thing. The inner breast pocket is a life savour as are the fleece hand warmer pockets. The main front pockets are big enough for my needs but I do still dream of the jacket that will take a full bottle of wine in the outer pocket and still close over. Over all I am delighted with the UFJ, for the price and compared to the competition it’s a bargain. I hope FRAHM keep developing their products but please don’t go to big a lose sight of the things that are making you special.

      This may sound weird but..'s taken me a couple of weeks to start wearing my Frahm Field jacket. I don't normally spend this kind of cash on an item of clothing - so I'd bought it with a few nagging doubts. After all, it was a web purchase, and what if I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. What if I'd made an expensive mistake? Well...a few weeks on, and despite the reservations, I've got to say that I'm loving the jacket, and it's been a constant companion on a few adventures. It looks and feels great; the quality is excellent, with plenty of nice touches. Phew! Exhale...relax and enjoy...