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BMW E30 M3 Redux - A Very FRAHM Project

I’m not a petrolhead. But I love beautiful things done with immense care. When an old friend resurfaces having created something extraordinary, how could anyone love it more?

The BMW E30 M3 by Redux is created by Simon (Si) Lord. By god it is a sight. Such intricacy and detail. Years and years of work for ONE CAR. Simon came to me for advice (advice? He should be advising me!) god knows how long ago. 5 years?? Madness. Yet, here it is at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, California, a private member’s club for car nuts and the new owners.

Frahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 redux

I could start hanging on about what’s gone into the car, but I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m saying. It’s just, well, the pictures tell the story.

Originally from Bolton, Lancashire, I’ve known Si since he worked together in Manchester clubland, back in the mid-Nineties. He was resident Dj at the club I helped run and promote. We both love deep house music and electronica. But he can actually mix.

There is a Manchester mates triangle here. At the same time, my best friend and the other founder of FRAHM, Jason, ran the cool bar that everyone went to before our club. So Jase, Simon and I were all mates. Si and I were Jason’s joint best men at his wedding. So it goes on.

Simon, Jason, Nick - Frahm jacket redux

In the days when cameras took teensy tiny images - Simon, Jason & Nick. Jase's wedding morning, Somerset 2009.

Like me, Simon’s route to his true calling is convoluted and not remotely expected. From DJing Si went into the British Army, went to Sandhurst and retired as a Captain. He loved it.

From there, he traveled the world from Hong Kong to Sudan, doing security stuff, IT, commodities, all kinds.

Then he returned to the UK and set up Redux Leichtbau. He has enhanced and evolved a classic.

There’s so much in common with FRAHM it’s a bit weird:

  • Adapting classics, making them better, but retaining their best features.
  • Quality - the best of everything.
  • Obsession with detail and performance.
  • Ultra limited supply - ONE car is taking the p*ss though. (Actually he's making 30 x E30 M3. It was E30’s 30th anniversary when he founded Redux.)
  • A thing about black and clean lines.
  • Purchase on pre-order (seems laughable comparing them this way, but I guess it’s true!)
  • A German thing - FRAHM is medieval German for Noble, or man of good character.
  • A convoluted career route by both founders, to design and make things they love.
  • Err, deep house.
  • Jason (bless).

So, naturally, Simon bought a Utility Field jacket, and this is how we come to this feature. How I suddenly realised what AMAZING stuff he’s achieving. Right at the launch moment of Redux. This week!

Sometimes old friends appear and it seems like fate. It’s great to catch up.

If you’re into cars, check out the in depth tech here. If you really like it and have a lot (a lot) of disposable income, you can buy one and wait , gnawing your fingers down with excitement.

Or just enjoy the fine detail of a beautiful human creation, made with extreme passion and insight.

Cheers, Nick.


Frahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 reduxFrahm Jacket BMW E30 M3 redux

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