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Our customers rave about our fit, check out the reviews.

FRAHM jackets are cut for real men's bodies and action. We've subtly altered classic tailoring for more movement, for real life. Our jackets do not have a restrictive teenage 'fashion' cut. 

How to fit yourself

Size by your actual body measurements, not copying your size in another brand. Fit can vary wildly between brands and their size may not be ours.

HEIGHT:This is the easy one – measure yourself from the top of your head to your heel. (Sometimes easier to do against a wall we find.)

CHEST:To find out your chest size, take a tape measure and wrap it under your armpits at the fullest part of your chest.

ARM:Measure from the shoulder seam to the bony bit on your wrist (yes, that is the biological term).

Next, compare your measurements with our size chart below to see which Frahm jacket is right for you.

Still not sure? We are experienced fitters.
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If you can't measure your chest circumference, the best guide to size is your best fitting existing jacket or suit jacket. Then Live Chat us and we can advise what your size is.

"Tall" sizes are for very tall men, offering exactly the same jacket with significantly longer arms and torso. Don't buy one if you're above average - our standard sizes will fit.

If you have shorter arms, we will happily have your sleeves altered for you when possible (most of the time it is). Please Live Chat or email us to discuss.

If you have any questions please do Live Chat or email us on hello@frahmjacket.com

Examples of Men in Frahm

Rugby Build

Ben: 6'1". 45" chest. Very muscular 'rugby' build. Wearing workshop-worn XXL Utility Field Jacket.

Average Height, Athletic

Chris: 39" chest. 5'9". Slim, athletic physique. Wearing medium khaki Utility Field Jacket.

Very tall and slim

Miles: 41" chest. 6'3". Wearing large beige Waterproof City Coat (now discontinued).

Dad Bod

Nick: 42" chest. 5'11". Fit, fairly muscular but not slim, AKA 'Dad Bod'. Wearing a navy blue Woodland Worker's Jacket in Large, over a jumper (FRAHM Jackets have room for layers).

Tall & Average

PRAVIN: 40" chest, 6'2". Slim to average physique. Tall but doesn't need to step up to a 'Tall' size as arms are long enough. Pravin is wearing a medium Lightweight Worker's Jacket in French Blue.

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