Blimey, our thousands of verified customer reviews average 4.9/5....


We give you 20% off for pre-ordering, on all our styles up until our order arrives in the warehouse. After that, the stock is sold at full price.

We design modern classics that don't go out of style. Each design is made once a year.

We deliberately don't make enough to meet demand, so we don’t overbuy, which affects quality. You have to pre-order to get what you want.

Order during the pre-order discount window and we reward you with a 20% discount. After that, if there is any stock left, it’s sold at full price.

Fair point! We wouldn't get very far unless we were making jackets that are far better than the easier-to-get brands.

There must be a reason why most of our customers buy 6-months to a year in advance? Reputation.

We’re known for our quality, detail, longevity, fit, and service. Once you've held a FRAHM Jacket, you understand - A FRAHM is just plain better*.

*We are very biased, but its still true. So there.

We are very biased, but then again, we have immense pride & faith in what we do.

Don't just trust us, read our reviews.

Each jacket design is only made once a year, every year, so it depends which jacket you're after.

If you place your order before we have placed our order with the factory (subscribe to our newsletter to be reminded, but we’d suggest 8-9 months before they arrive), then you are guaranteed your choice of size and colour, plus you get 20% off as a thank you.

After that, you still get our 20% pre-order discount, but there will only be a limited number of ‘extra’ jackets available to buy. We can't guarantee you'll get your choice.

Once the jacket arrives in our warehouse, our remaining garments are available for purchase at full price, but that's rare and you will be at the risk of missing out on your choice.

Top tip: Autumn and Thermal jackets run out fastest.

Because there are so many disappointed buyers, we have a simple way you can register to be told if a jacket becomes available.

Jackets do get cancelled, exchanged or returned. That rate is low, but he who dares wins!

When you're on the product page and it says "SOLD OUT" for your choice, enter your email in the box. You'll get an instant email notification if one comes back in.

If you do, please jump on it, as there may be a lot of people getting the same notification and its first come first served.

If you're ever unsure, just Live Chat us using the box below, bottom right.

You can cancel your pre-order at any time, no quibbles.

After that, you have 90 days to return it unused (labels still on, clean, just tried on for size).

You can swap for a different size/colour/design as long as your choice is still available.

If we've sold out and you find the size is wrong for you, we'll prioritise you for a return.

The best way to avoid an exchange is to talk to us on Live Chat. All of us are trained by founder/designer Nick for days on fit, etc. It's very rare you get the wrong size, if we've helped.

We only sell them online, right here. That keeps things simple, with no discounting for wholesalers, so that also maintains that much loved quality.

Pictures on a website can never do the quality and feel of the jackets justice. So do check out the reviews, they offer peace of mind, not just because they average 4.9/5, but due to the sheer passion and detail of them!

We find uncertainty about sizing makes folk nervous, so do please Live Chat or Email us. We're highly trained FRAHM Staff - no outsourcing!

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