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Hello, we are Jason Tripp and Nick Hussey, the founders of FRAHM. 

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Us Founders - A pair of giggling schoolboys who think a picture of two poodles is funny. Dicks.

FRAHM make better jackets, that work and last, as well as look good.

We are, if we may, pretty good at this. Before FRAHM, our work has been exhibited in the Design Museum in London, won international awards, featured in all the big magazines and had rave reviews.

We've tried to make the best jackets there are. That's a grand statement and we hate hyperbole, but we think we have. You decide.

We've also tried to build a company that's a bit kinder, in a not-boring way. 


Frahm jacket cycling utilityUTILITY - We make better multi-purpose jackets for men. They're built to work in urban and rural environments. Detailed and easy to care for, they're also designed to be tough, for real-world use.

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CLASSIC - We built FRAHM to straddle the space between out-there fashion brands and unsexy technical gear. We love classic men's style, but jackets should work & last better too. So we've tailored performance fabrics with the highest quality trims, made by skilled craftspeople.

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LIMITED - We only sell one limited batch of just 100 of one jacket style at a time. Once that batch has gone, it's gone. This takes pressure off us, and keeps our jackets rare and special. We offer pre-orders, to prevent disappointment, or a potentially frustrating launch-day bunfight.

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GOOD - We give £10 from every jacket sold to Mind charity.

We've created a PUB, because pubs are great for proper discussion, a laugh or a think. We need more of that. The world is splitting into increasingly aggressive, simplistic sides online, and that hurts us all. We want to pull back from that to find a more open-minded, thoughtful way forward. 

We're not going to play the corrosive online games of hyperbole, clickbait and the usual crap that gives marketing a bad name. What we say we mean, and can back up.


You can read more on how we built FRAHM, here: 


    If/when you get a FRAHM jacket, we hope you get to explore life in many diverse ways in it.

    If you don't, we hope you enjoy the slightly inspiring / kind / amusing / distracting / thought provoking stuff we're building here. 

    Take care, Jason & Nick.


    FRAHM Size Guide

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    We cut our jackets for movement. We've subtly altered classic tailoring with fabric darts, more room in the shoulders and longer arms. This makes them useful for cycling, hiking or evading velociraptors.

    If you are very tall, or want to wear heavy layers (like thick jumpers) under your jacket, go for the size up. But they're not cut tight, so a normal sweater underneath will be fine.

    Your best guide to size is your favourite existing jacket or suit jacket. Otherwise, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your chest and shoulders (no tensing), underneath your armpits.






    91-96 cm



    96-102 cm



    102-107 cm

    Extra Large (XL)


    107-112 cm

    Extra Extra Large (XXL)


    112-117 cm

    Any questions? Just ask on hello@frahmjacket.com

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