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Ventile Thermal Storm Jacket 2023
Robert Meredith-Barrett
Brilliant Thermal Storm Jacket

I've been eyeing this jacket for ages, and in the meantime, I've also bought a few other jackets from FRAHM, ..... it's becoming a bit of a habit. Anyway, I finally managed to get one of these in Blaze Orange too, and I've worn it ever since I took delivery, wearing it in Storm Ciaran, Storm Debi and every other weather event we have had since, otherwise known as a normal Pembrokeshire winter (as we don't do vertical rain here) and a nice cold snap in Lincolnshire in between, and all I can say is Wow.... I've been warm, toasty, but best of all, dry. The detail and quality are fantastic; the only additions (if it's possible to improve on perfection) I would suggest are a split zipper, so you don't have to undo the coat fully if nature calls, and a couple of magnetic closers (the same as the top) within the front seam in addition to the poppers.

Perfect winter coat?

Despite being the proud owner of multiple Frahm jackets (and a teeny tiny piece of the company) was blown away when I received my parka. It got a decent test. In the recent cold snap and over just a T-shirt it kept me warm and cosy in freezing temperatures and high winds. Although not billed as waterproof, it kept me totally dry in a sustained downpour while out walking the dog. Everything feels quality and built to last a lifetime. In the interests of a balance review, there is one element I think could be improved…. Having a zipped phone pocket that is accessible without having to open up the jacket would be great, but that’s about the only thing I can think of! Expensive? Very. Worth it? Totally.

First purchase

This was my first FRAHM jacket so didn’t know exactly what to expect and whether the reviews were accurate. As soon as I put it on the fit and quality was apparent, it’s so warm on the windiest days and kept me toasty the whole day. Yes it’s expensive but reassuring so and I’m so glad I made the leap. I have my eyes on the 4 seasons rain jacket now!

Worth the wait

Not my first jacket from Frahm but my new favourite. It ticks every box and I love it. The quality and detail are worth every penny and the wait.

Merino Shirt

You can feel the quality in this shirt, feels great and looks even better (the missus approves too 😉😂)

Samples 2018-2023 MEDIUM

It’s a fantastic gilet , very comfortable and warm

Amazing jacket

Got a couple of other Frahm jackets! Decided to get the thermal parka wow great quality attention to detail is amazing super warm absolutely love it

Great jacket - I just ordered the wrong size

What a fantastic jacket. Discovered Frahm after spotting one out and about. Ordered a Storm Jacket at full price but as usual I neglected to double check the size specs. Should have got the size bigger as the jacket was fantastic but just a little tight across the chest. Returns process was smooth and easy. Customer service was prompt as well after I checked in to see if they had any stock - now waiting patiently for an email saying they have one in my size. Fingers crossed.

Waterproof Utility Field Jacket 2023
Jay Phillips

Love this jacket - shame it’s not being made anymore.

Samples 2018-2023 LARGE

This jacket just oozed quality. Really lovely cut and materials

Beautiful made can’t wait to wear it feels top quality

Reassuringly chunky!

I've debated buying this one long and hard while my resolve crumbled and I've bought numerous others. in the meantime I finally went for military green and it feels like I could do bomb disposal in it. All the usual attention to detail you expect from a Frahm Jacket, the burst poppers pop when I squat or sit down, it's lovely and warm and easily accommodates multiple layers. Like most parkas you do need a scarf to really close the neck to the chill. I've seen another review that suggested the pockets are too low and I might agree but simply suspect that in my case it's because I'm a short-arse. I can still get my hands in them, and of course gloves fit easily in the pockets. I was even amused to note that the thermal lining and added 'inner skirt' are that efficient that they stopped my heated car seat from giving me any benefit on a recent short journey. Overall this is a fantastic bit of kit

Thermal Military Parka 2023
richard whitehead
Military Parka DOUBLE WOW

Can’t emphasise enough about the quality of these products. Absolutely unreal. Top quality gear!

The Foreign Correspondent's Jacket has the lot!

It's winter and it's good to have the my Foreign Correspondent's Jacket, which looks great, is keeping the weather out and has enough space for layering up.

In fact, if I spec'd a jacket, the Foreign Correspondent's Jacket would be very close to what I'd be after.

One of my main annoyances with other jackets is not having enough secure pockets to comfortably get all my bits and bobs in without having to take a separate bag out with me. The FCJ has this covered with pockets that are secured by various types of quality fasteners and zips.

The FCJ tips a wink to retro styling, doesn't need rewaxing, which is a big plus, is washable and looks better with wear, I hear. It's somewhere between a jacket and coat, which works for me.

At present, I find myself constantly looking for excuses to leave the house so that I can wear my FCJ once again!

Beautiful shirt

The fabric and cut of this shirt make it a joy to wear. It’s my first Frahm purchase and I’m very happy with it

You just can’t stop

After receiving my Merino shirt I popped another colour in my basket after seeing the quality. Once you pop you just can’t stop, waiting on my next delivery.
Keep up the good work. 😎


This is my second Frahm jacket after buying one of the first edition field jackets which I have worn year round since purchase. This ventile jacket is superb, and arrived just in time for a cold week in Cornwall. Love the details, especially the way the hood sits. The material and quality of the jacket are second to none. You definitely get what you pay for and this ticks all the boxes for quality design, production and hence value.

Thermal Military Parka

Another fantastic jacket from Frahm. Excellent high quality product as always from Frahm, great fit, comfy, warm, does exactly what it says on the packet.


I’ve now had my parka for a few years now - absolute must for the winter here in Scotland ( note today is -5 ) solid construction stylish warm and hard wearing. I’d also add as it ages around the pockets get a small shine which actually add to the look rather than subtract.
Had several comments about the coat from friends who have bought the known designer brands meant for winter as theirs have several practical issues , of which I have suffered none with this parka.
I say this is superb with 20+ years of Army service behind me and only wish I had something of this quality then !

Outstanding performance- still delighted and proud of it . Highly recommend and I’d say the cost is 100% justifiable as a result !

Thanks team

Excellent Jacket

The. Jacket arrived on time and it fits as expected. Unfortunately due to an illness i have bee unable to really test it. However i am sure it will pass with flying colours. One of my visitors saw the Jacket and asked a load of questions about it as she is out almost day in hills walking her dog. Passed on your details to her. Hopefully she will go ahead and make a purchase.

I just need top up the old savings account in readiness to purchase another jack from the range on offer.

Keep up the excellent quality and design and i am sure yet more will join the FRAHM wearers club.

Excellent Purchase

I'm thrilled with my Frahm Military Parka. It's superbly made, stylish, classy, and practical (keeps out the cold). In fact, it's impossible to find any fault with the Parka and it's a joy to wear. I would unhesitatingly recommend this purchase to anyone seeking a top-of-the-range and last forever winter coat.

Frahm'ed and dangerous!

This is my first and certainly not my last Frahm jacket. Well worth the wait and the best jacket I have ever owned. It really is tough and beautiful. It fits perfectly and I have already been out in sub zero temperatures wearing just a t-shirt underneath. An investment that is worth every penny. I love my Frahm!

Fantastic quality & fit

Having spent months telling myself they’re too expensive, I haven’t seen it, or the reviews are fake… I took the plunge. I’m so glad I did. They really are as good as they say. The buttons, zips, fabric, pockets, hood, everything! Well done Frahm!

On another level...

I'm the proud owner of 11 items from FRAHM, with a 12th on the way in 2024 and as a (small) investor too, it's fair to say I'm bought into the brand. However, whilst every FRAHM piece I have is fabulous in it's own right, the Thermal Military Parka really does take things up a notch. Everything about it is from the top drawer and no stone has been left unturned in terms of quality, design, practicality, fit and detailing, the hood in particular is a work of art. The phrase 'Tough Beautiful' really doesn't come close to doing it justice and I look forward to it giving me many years of dedicated service. Keep up the great work FRAHM!

Best Parka on the market

So i've been wearing this jacket now for a couple weeks and so far no complaints. After the initial downpours and now a cold snap, the jacket has performed admirably in all weather conditions.

The jacket from when you first pick it up you can tell this is well made, no lose threads, perfect stitching throughout. All of the toggles, poppers and buttons are very heavy duty and beautifully crafted, they won't be falling off in the next 20 years that's for sure. The materials again are first class, they have a beautiful feel to them and the liner on the inside of the jacket keeps you very warm along with the hood, which covers your face from the rain with a handy little peak.

If i only had two gripes it would be the firemens clips at the top of the jacket, these are a little fiddly to undo so you'll need to take your gloves off and have a fingernail to lift up the catch, also the zip can be fiddle as well as they use 2 zips which are handy but it can be difficult to slip the zip in and do up first time, other than that i can highly recommend this jacket, you'll only need to buy one of each design once as this make will last for years and years.

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