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Fantastic, useful jacket

I was a bit unsure about purchasing this jacket at first as I don’t get on with man-made fabrics, they usually make me overheat and sweat too easily. But I thought ‘if anyone can get it right, it’s Frahm’, so I went for it and I’m really glad I did. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much breathability this jacket has and I’ve been using it a lot more in the spring and summer months than I had expected to.

The water resistance is the best I’ve found in my limited experience of owning waterproofs. The only issue I had was when I was out in the worst rain I have seen in many years. It appeared that that extreme rain was enough to overwhelm the water resistance in a few areas of the coat and a small amount of moisture got in.

It also has that great Frahm fit, so feels great when wearing it.

Lush parka

Another great Frahm for my collection - great quality and details and lotsa pockets.

Lush parka

Another great jacket to add to my Frahm collection. Almost can’t wait for winter so I can put it through its paces.

Great jacket

Great jacket- great colour

Great Shirt

Really good fit and great quality fabric .

Moss green waxed lightweight jacket

My latest purchase and again well worth the wait. Love the colour. Haley Stevensons waxed material speaks for itself. Nice corozo but buttons. Ykk zip. And as always pockets, loads of pockets. Stitching top class as usual. Onto my next piece I say

Waxed Lightweight Workers Jacket Number 2

Having already got the Tuscan Yellow version of this jacket I didn’t go for this Moss Green on its release…too soon, couldn’t justify etc. However due to cancelled pre orders it reared up again and my resistance to my 4th Frahm came to an end.
Having known what to expect regarding quality led me to purchase the jacket. I love the Tuscan Yellow but equally this Moss Green.
As it was in stock delivery was swift so no waiting for this one.
So that’s a Woodland Workers
The defunct Fleece 2022….my favourite
2 x Waxed Lightweight Workers
And…….they all get admiring glances and complimentary words.


Purchased the mustard colour, love it had the sleeves shortened by the team. Beautifully constructed and rare.

Another Gem

What another quality stylish addition to my Frahm collection.
They feel great, look great and are certainly the envy of others.
It’s almost a shame when the sun shines 😂

worth the wait

I had been eyeballing this jacket for a couple of years waiting for the right moment to buy. Finally made my purchase and (as usual) I wasn't disappointed (I own 4 Frahm jackets). This is the perfect winter coat for me and the climes I typically experience and the fit and finish are great!

Great colour, great fit and 6 pockets - what’s not to like

Great jacket

My 3rd Frahm jacket.
All are great , quality materials and all well made this one is an ideal summer jacket. Very pleased with it.

High quality shacket!

Shocker - very well made and high quality piece of clothing. This has already become a staple part of my wardrobe

Took a while to get it, but worth the wait

It fits perfectly, the quality appears superb, and I love the color and fabric.

Great lightweight jacket

Just arrived - another addition to my Frahm collection
Delighted with it - high quality and very stylish

Exactly as hoped!

Fantastic cut,colour and fit. Bought a cap first but liked this jacket so went for it. Absolutely love it. You can see the thought and care that has done into the design Now ordered another and can’t wait 👍👍

No. 2 jacket,

Second jacket. Great jacket for spring/summer days. Lovely fit and colour. Excellent qualty.


I wanted a tight fitting lightweight Fram and that is exactly what I got.. can’t wait for my heavy duty Fram coming in August.

2022 Zero Frahm, 2024 5 Frahm, 2025 it’ll be 6.

2 Harringtons , 2 lightweight workers Jackets and 1 Puffer.
Each and everyone a joy to wear.
My first jacket was the Harrington in Red, quickly followed with a Black one.
That was quickly followed with the Autumn / Winter Puffer.
I am now the proud custodian of not 1 but 2 lightweight worker jackets.
I am so chuffed with these jackets.
Who needs a jumper anymore when you have one of these.
I just love the crumpled well worn broken in look. Who wants to look like a tailors dummy, well maybe someone but not me.I remember years ago breaking in a Barbour and numerous pairs of Levi’s
I like the collar worn up like I’m pretending to be Cantona but not worn like flat collar on a shirt that’s too big for me.
I tried something the other night whilst watching the telly in my kitchen whilst wearing my latest acquisition and I’m about to share it with you.
I rolled the collar under itself and bingo. It works. A rolled up collar.
This Jacket is truly amazing
Finally , yes I’m nearly there, it was how I acquired them.
Being new to Frahm I pressed the notify when in stock option and it really does work. It’s fair to everyone but you have to be quick on the buzzer as Bamber Gascoigne would say.
That’s how I managed to get off to a flying start so please try it
Finally for a second time well done to all at Frahm

I’ve lost count of the Frahm pieces i own now 😊 but the Green version of this - I’ve worn and worn and people say nice things about it - so i bought the bright blue one - the colour is fantastic!

Jaffa orange, French blue pocket, wow !

I now have a number of frahm jackets I seem to be going a little crazy on the lightweight versions, 2 waxed in Tuscan yellow and very recently Cobalt blue. And now 2 Original in grey/ lime and arriving last week almost glowing through the paper packing a Jaffa orange with a french blue pocket. You're going to need some nerve to wear these colours as they're really out there, luckily I'm in that mood occasionally and I live in an alternative ( slightly hippy ) town. The jacket feels lovely as always to wear

Great jacket

Need a say more…

Superb lightweight jacket!

Wanted a lightweight, rain proof jacket for summer. Haven’t had to test the wax against the rain yet but the jacket is really comfortable to wear, even on warmer days. Fit is great and the pockets are really useful. Exactly what I wanted

Brilliant Workers jacket

Brilliant jacket, fits perfectly

Super Smart!

Excellent jacket, I think this may be my new favourite… super smart, light and tough, Thanks Frahm :)

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