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Harrington - another great jacket

This is my 4th Frahm jacket and as usual, the quality and fit is great. I decided to go for a lined Harrington and was not disappointed.

Excellent jacket

It was a long wait to receive my Harrington Racer, but it was absolutely worth it!
Great quality and style, really nothing like it on the high street. If you’re not sure about buying one, just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

My New harrington from Frahm

Now i have been wearing my new jacket for the last 10days or so , I am choughed to bits . It was worth the wait, high quality , really warm & i love the style. will definately revisit the website .

Wife pleaser

If you only ever own two Frahm jackets (come on - nobody stops at one when the first arrives) then for me, the Harrington is the one to have alongside an Original Utility Field Jacket.

Same great British Millerain and scalloped cuffs but where the OUFJ is uber-practical, the Harrington ramps up the stylish angle. Given its timeliness, I can see me wearing this versatile jacket with any number of outfits throughout the next few months (esp. Spring and Autumn) and I dare say that my good lady will insist on the same - this got a big thumbs up and became her favourite of all my Frahm items the moment that I put it on. If it can do that for a chap in his mid-fifties, then you know that Nick and the Team have nailed another classic.

Wow. I can see why the reviews are so good.

I’ve been excitedly waiting for my Harrington racer jacket since ordering in the autumn and wondering how good it will be. The reviews are all so good, it’s almost hard to believe they’re real. However….this coat is incredible. The quality, the cut and fit is like nothing else and I’m blown away with how good it looks and feels. Thank you Frahm, good advice pre-purchase on sizing, and good service and product all round.
Now to look on the site for another to go with it….!!

Great Jacket

My first purhcase from Frahm - faultless. Excellent onlince shopping experience and great customer service. The Jacket is VERY well made, quality construction, stylish, and I am sure I will get many years wear out of it. Really well made, looks great, and I am very happy with the purchase.

Fabulously made jacket

The style and fit is really good. The jacket looks well made

2024 Harrington Racer

Delighted with my new Harrington racing jacket. Beautiful cut and fit with a lovely heft to the jacket you just know you are wearing a top quality garment!


I have an unlined one, but this one is lined and I prefer it, it feels a bit more comfy and warmer which is ideal for this time of year, also has internal zip pocket too, hopefully they don't bring out too many new colours

Great jacket

Lovely classic Harrington. Great materials and fantastic cut

Fabulous - even my wife loves it!

I love it, worth the wait! Great quality and looks good, feels very comfortable to wear. Even my wife loves it!!

Harrington love

I’ve never had a Harrington before ( too busy wearing denim jackets as a kid) - This jacket is brilliant.. detailing is so cool (those cuffs … omg) - 2XL fits well on a “ big lad” (46 chest) and in black takes a few inches off the gut ! ( with plenty of room)
I love the tartan lining … and this years CALM picture is very beautiful. This is my 5th FRAHM jacket and the one I’ve been the most surprised about (in a good way) My 2 Ventiles were always going to be awesome .. This Harrington is just as good!!

Jacket obsessed

Have quite a few jackets from Frahm now and again this one didn’t disappoint, fits perfectly and the quality is apparent in spades, must stop buying now, but probably wont

what can i say apart from going round the bend

What a fantastic Jacket, well made, its looks the part and I cant stop wearing it, my other Frahm jackets are sad as Ive not worn them for a few days. All Frahm are Frahming excellent and worth every penny, when I Die this Harrington Racer will be in the casket with me-keeping me worm - Regards, Nigel.

My fantastic Harrington Racer

Well, it was a long wait.......the longest I've ever had for a jacket. Any piece of clothing actually. But it was so worth the wait. The Harrington looks great and it feels even better. It just screams quality and I loved wearing it to the pub for the first time. My 3rd Frahm, but certainly not my last !

Harrington Racer

Without doubt the most expensive single item of clothing I have ever bought! I was taken by the ethos of Frahm and liked the fact it wasn’t created in some Far Eastern sweat shop. It was quite a leap of faith buying something like this without being able to see it or try it on before hand, I did check with Frahm about sizing and went with their recommendation. After a long wait I received my parcel and thankfully it was a great fit and was a quality garment so relief all round. It will be my go to summer jacket for hopefully many a year.

Another Frahm jacket for me but my first Harrington. I actually ordered 2, one in navy blue and one in sahara tan. The navy blue was nice but is going back however the Sahara tan is stunning, you could imagine a Hollywood A lister wearing it, it's that good !!!

Worth the wait, absolutely

So after ordering in June '23, the jacket arrived a couple of hours after I left for a week's holiday - anticipation further extended! Worth the wait? Absolutely; this is my second Harrington Racer - subtly but noticeably different from the first. Excellent detailing like the little zip hoods; love those. The material feels luxurious yet tough. I went with the lining as an alternative to my unlined version - perfect for current April weather but not too heavy when/if it turns warmer. Wearing this makes me feel good. Great job.

Love it.

The material is dense and strong which protects from the chill April breeze. The medium fits really well on me ( slim 6’1 ) with just enough room to move freely and wear a jumper. I think the blue, actually more of a dark version of airforce blue than navy, looks smarter in real life than in some of the pics. Above all, I don’t look like a fashion victim and I could wear it to a casual day in the office as well as a regular day to day jacket.

A lovely jacket - but you need to be patient

I really like the jacket - it’s excellent quality and fits me well. The only difficulty is it was 10 months from order to delivery. I know it’s clear that each model is made once a year - but you need to be prepared.

First Fantastic FRAHM purchase. I'm now huge FRAHM fan.

Took me a while to bite the bullet and order the great looking Harrington Racer Jacket, the price and wait held me back for a while. Turned out to be a wise decision and well worth the wait and money. Easily the best quality, well fitted jacket I've ever owned. I highly recommend, you get what you pay for, in fact I'd say the pre-order price made it a bargain for the standard. I won't hesitate to pre-order another. Great brand. Thank you.

Cracking jacket!

Recently received my Harrington. Felt like I was waiting for ages but when it eventually arrived it didn't disappoint. It really feels like a quality garment - great fabric (the tartan lining is a lovely extra), strong zips. super fit. It might be my first Frahm but it certainly won't be my last. I'm already teeing up my next one!

Very Smart

I ordered this 10 months ago and almost forgot about it until it landed on my doormat so to speak. Trepidation as I showed it to my wife (“what, another jacket?”). She's happy - so am I! This oozes quality - you can tell that the zips won't give up (unlike one of my Shoffel jackets that are plastic) and not a lose thread anywhere. I love the cut and the way the sleeve ends (cuffs) are contoured. The Harrington jacket is a perennial and you can buy one for £25 but I love this take on it. Keeps to the great concept (lightweight summer jacket) but gives it a contemporary twist. It is a stand-out jacket that is very practical but at the same time stylish. Well done Frahm - great job!

Harrington jacket

Great jacket well worth the wait

Perfect fit

Really pleased with my Harrington jacket, high quality with some neat and subtle design features.

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