11 sizes, right up to Tall & 5XL. Even free sleeve alterations...



Buying a FRAHM is special.

We sell by pre-order, making the same styles once a year, every year, with the odd tweak or new fabric colour.

It's how we've gradually built and protected our incredible reputation.

Other brands have to guess what stock to buy. They always end up with excess, which they shift in Black Friday or end of season sales.

Those sales seem great on the surface, but force brands to erode quality to make money. In the end, you pay with a lesser jacket.

We don't do lesser.

We sell out of everything, every year. Months ahead of it arriving.

With this predictability, we can make far more beautifully detailed, better fitting, tougher jackets.

As a reward for your patience, we give you a 20% pre-order discount. If there's any left, they're full price.

When should you buy? As soon as you can. Hence the fetching yellow alarm clock.

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