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Why we love jackets

Men love jackets. They do. I do. You do. We all do.

You can explore in a jacket.

Jackets are protection.

Jackets are armour.

Jackets are our peacock feathers.

Or our invisibility cloak.

Jackets are tough.

We think we’re tough.

Some of us are.

Jackets have pockets.

Pockets that carry knives, booze and tools.

Pockets that carry sweeties, notebooks and front door keys.

Jackets should have buttons, zips and clicking things.

Not velcro patches or noisy things.

Not plastic tat nor breaking things.

Jackets should work wherever we go.

Mountain, valley, night-time yomp.

Monday morning meet, Brompton ride or Friday night pint.

Jackets that are cut clean, crisp but tough.

Jackets that are built for real bodies.

Jackets that don’t stretch over unwanted round bits.

Jackets are the first line of defence.

Our introduction to newcomers.

Our cape for crusading and our cloak for escaping.

Jackets are our favourite.

Our favourite jacket is a family friend.

We wear it until it explodes.

FRAHM make these jackets.

Jackets that do everything.

Everything except space travel, submariner rescue or elephant rodeo.

So not everything.

But the main things.

The things that matter.

Curious things.

Finding out about the world.

Memories, proud moments, failures, successes and nearlies.

Jackets enable life.

You can do without a jacket.

But you wouldn’t want to.

Men love jackets.

Jackets explore life.







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