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Our Obsession With Harrington Jackets & Making Them Better

We've been obsessing about Harrington Jackets since I started designed jackets. Harringtons have been around since the 50s, been a Mod favourite and men's style icon since.

Our original commuter cycling take on the Harrington, with Vulpine, launched in 2012 and became the bestseller and archetype for casual cycling clothing since. It's been exhibited at the Design Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Why the fuss?

They're a rock solid cool (but not showy) classic.

They're simple but not dull.

Smart but not uncomfortable.

Casual not scruffy.

You can wear one for sporting endeavours and look easy going, or working life and look, errr, easy going too.

Steve McQueen wore them. (I mean, we should just stop with McQueen.)

Steve McQueen harrington

James Dean set fire to celluloid in one.

james dean harrington

Elvis uh huhhed in them.

Elvis harrington

Daniel Craig beefcakes regularly in one.

daniel craig harrington jacket

Hell, Made in England IS Harringtons.

this is england harringtons

Paul Weller....Ok, that's enough. They're great, ok?

Paul Weller harrington

So what's our take on Harringtons?...

Functionality. Such as waxed fabric you can wash in the washing machine.

Versatility. A jacket you can wear commuting to work by bike, ordering whisky sours, or placing over puddles for partners in distress (this might sound distressing, but heh, you can wash it in the machine, so heh, old school chivalry points all round).

Longevity. This coat is tough as hell. Twin needle stitched. Toughened steel zips.

Comfort. Breathable, shower resistant, cut for activities like cycling, vented.

Attention to Detail. Gunmetal zips, embroidered labels and a beautifully sculpted collar lined with fine fleece.

A exact classic take on the harrington jacket features a tartan lining, but we removed that to aid breathability and increase it's seasonal versatility. We got rid of the flappy collar thing that nobody ever uses - because nobody ever uses it. Made the hand pockets zipped instead of pocket flapped, because pocket flaps curl and our gorgeous custom zips lend a motorbiking vibe. Finally, we removed the often elasticated hem, because its the first thing to get wrecked and it's not terribly flattering unless you have 86 sets of visible abdominal muscles.

frahm harrington racer jacket

We added a rear vent to dump heat and moisture. A high jawline collar for greater comfort and modern style. Longer scalloped cuffs, articulated arms and shoulders for active comfort. Subtle chest pocket for your phone. And beefed up the shoulders for a subtly tougher motorbiking aesthetic.

frahm jacket harrington racer jacket

Ours is a modern classic, more technical approach to the Harrington.

This Harrington is an (almost) all year, year after year round investment. It's not cheap. But goddam if it isn't designed and built to be amazing*.



*We are very very biased.


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