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Notes from Nick: Mental Health Week

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💔 In 2017 I was suicidal. Saying this to someone, saved my life.

🧠 FRAHM Jacket is a men's apparel brand with a (not very) stealth purpose - to get men to say their shit, before they die.

Here's a video about why I do that, and how it seems to be working.

How we'll do more to help Campaign Against Living Miserably our charity partner.

I hope we'll continue to inspire men to seek help, not feel shame in saying:

"I'm terrified I might kill myself. I can't stop thinking about it", as I finally (why so long??) blurted out in May 2017.

The words that began saving my life

I hope other brands do this more, long term, not just for #mentalhealthweek

I hope they stop marketing perfect lifestyles that none of us can never reach, that make us feel rubbish about ourselves, or worse.

Real life is the only one we have. The best life is appreciating the real, small things. No, not even jackets.

Smiles, leaves, rain, music, running, painting, eating a gazillion crisps whilst watching Tarantino movies on repeat (I can't be the only one). 

I hope it becomes normal, conversational, to ask and say, as it is becoming for my kids.

I am constantly frightened that that isn't the case. And that's what drives me.

SAY YOUR SHIT. It will free you to recover. And you WILL recover.

Nick ❤️


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