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PODCAST #13 - Shaun Keaveny

Shaun Keaveny is one of the most popular broadcasters in the UK, developing a huge fanbase on BBC 6Music for 14 years, before leaving last year. He's also presented the BBC's Glastonbury Festival coverage and now does loads of podcasts, including "The line-Up", "Your Place or Mine" and "Shaun's Creative Cul-de-Sac". He is funny, sweet, kind, silly, serious, irreverent and fairly sure he has ADHD.

In this hugely entertaining and humane edition, Shaun & Nick discuss life's trials and tribulations openly, particularly the advantages & disadvantages of finding out late in life that you have ADHD. Shaun talks about post-divorce grimness, struggling to adapt post-BBC, and the importance of getting time alone....if only you could get around to it.


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