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Podcast #2 - Matt Stephens

The FRAHM Jacket Podcast is all about exploring life and whatever that may bring. It's not really about jackets at all, though our versatile jackets are handy for all kinds of exploration.

Matt Stephens is an ex professional cyclist, British national road champion, Olympian, cycling commentator, dad, husband and actual human being.

If anyone has "explored life" it's him. He's been a policeman, locked up paedophiles, helped victims of sexual abuse, had a severely premature son, suffered depression through being unable to see him after a messy divorce, and a lot lot more. Despite, or because of this, he is a really lovely, gentle, balanced and entertaining man. You'll can tell from this recording.

Nick and Matt met up in August 2018 to dick about, talk about heavy stuff, silly stuff and preferably not entirely cycling.

Enjoy. You really will, if you're into cycling or not.

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