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FRAHM will not be discounting this Black Friday, Cyber Monday or another day of the week.

Instead, we will be trying to Do Good Friday.

Everyone in the FRAHM office will be taking a full mental health first aid course run by Mind, to be completed (by coincidence, not design!) on Black Friday.

We will also be doubling our donations to mental health charities, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. We usually give £10 for every jacket sold to Britain’s biggest mental health charity, Mind. We will also give £10 to Crisis, the homelessness charity too.


Christmas is hard, really hard, for many. It’s not about ‘extra’. Extra discounts, extra jackets, extra big telly, extra soft furnishings. It’s about surviving. Getting by. Hanging on.

Wait, FRAHM are a business. You’re not exactly whiter than white.

I agree. A great jacket isn’t going to change the world. I sleep at night knowing I tried my best to make a great quality garment that you’ll have to replace far (far) less often than a cheap one - the sustainability bit. And we tried to save people from pain, by talking about mental health and giving some money.

Since we launched in 2018, Good Friday, not Black, has been an admittedly easy decision. We don’t have to report sales figures to a corporate owner. We deliberately don’t make enough jackets, so we sell out quickly and don’t ‘over make’. We have nothing to get rid of. No stockpiles. No waste.  

Business-wise, we have no reason to do Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Sizzle* Saturday or Spondoolies* Sunday.    *made up

Every year I always think…Wait, us not discounting is just reinforcing what we do as a brand. It doesn’t actually HELP anyone.


My most valuable resource is time. I’ve meant to do the Mental Health First Aid course for yonks now. I feel it is my duty. Men often approach us under difficult circumstances, because of our openness about mental health. I am kind and try to say nice things. But I feel ill equipped. What do I do to help in a serious situation? Will I spot the signs? How can I best improve, maybe even save their lives, if that’s not too grand?

I resolved that for Do Good Friday this year, I would take the course, busy or not. Then I offered to pay for any staff who wanted it. I’m delighted that all office staff (no coercion!) said they’d like to. My wife Emmalou too - not spotting my suicidal tendencies in 2017 has left her disturbed that she missed that. It’s not her fault, I disguised it. But now she should feel better equipped.

Maybe we should all take this course? I’ve done physical first aid a few times. It’s all to help and save fellow humans. Brain and body are one unit.

So on Friday the 26th November 2022, we should (as long as we study!) graduate. From that day, for 4 days, we will give to Crisis too.

We will give our time and money and we won’t discount.

Because Christmas is about people, when life is tough and when it’s beautiful; not things.

Take care,


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