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Setting An Example To The Corporates?

As you know, we give £10 from every jacket sold to Mind, Britain's biggest mental health charity.

I haven’t posted these donation notifications before. It felt needy, showy - a stupid British hang up about not wanting to stand forward and be proud, to show what we’re doing.

Well I am proud and it’s important I show it because I want other businesses to pull their finger out and add ££ to their words. This is what I set out to do. To help. Not just to be a corporate brand with a quick “we really care about mental health” once a year.

Our donations and commitment to mental health are permanent. Built into the fabric (pun intended) of the business. Untouchable. Vital. What we are.

I hope this tranche of money helps people. It will. I hope as many as possible. Mind is a wonderful charity improving & saving lives. Mine too. Make sure your brand it putting it’s money where it’s mouth is.

The next tranche will be many times larger than this. I am very proud. Emotional. It’s not small change anymore. How much can I raise in my lifetime? How many people can FRAHM help? I want to be successful. I’m a capitalist after all. But how much GOOD can I do with it??

It’s not just about jackets. Jackets are nice but they’re not important. What’s important is not living miserably. Or killing yourself. It always get better. With help.

Like help from Mind.

Thank YOU for your purchases & thus your donations.
Take care,

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