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🌱 💥 FRAHM Jacket is hiring NOW! [Last updated 7th July 2023]

Dear Awesome Person,

These are incredibly fun & fulfilling roles we need filling ASAP.

You're likely up for part-time or consultancy, but heh, a full time role might be what we need to offer, because you're THAT good.

1. SHOPIFY GENERALIST. 2-5 days a week. Proficient e-commerce person to build product & landing pages, blogs, etc, to kick off. Then, we need to build a new website (I built this one 5 years ago, it needs more than a spruce-up!), with you running that project alongside our development agency.

2. KLAVIYO / CRM EXPERT. Expert to build & improve CRM auto flows. Preferably to improve the efficiency of, and further segment, our newsletters too. We do great emails. They can be a lot greater.

3. HEAD OF CREATIVE. 1-5 days a week. To build & oversee campaigns that supply all marketing channels with great content on low(ish) budgets, but high impact, because we let you push boundaries. We are quite interesting. Make us MORE interesting. Take creative off my shoulders & make it way better! This is a dream job for someone who wants to YES to the type of stuff you always get knocked back on. Our strategy is defined by emotion & difference. You have lots to go on: amazing jackets; their stories; customers who adore us; their stories; real life; lough beautiful. Loads!

4. COPYWRITER. 2-5 days (maybe you're doing the creative direction of FRAHM too, for 5 days a week) to write in that unique FRAHM voice (admittedly mine - I still do all the sodding copywriting. I'm knackered!). MUST be confident enough to push our conversational style of writing into daring & emotional places. Newsletters. Product pages. Facebook ads. All kinds.

5. OPERATIONS MANAGER / 'SWEEPER'. 2-4 days a week. A super organised generalist who knows e-commerce & data, to pick up and run with all the varied 'glue' that keeps us together, efficiently. Third party logistics, customer service, data, booking in production deliveries, couriers, scheduling, shouting (nicely) at HMRC for getting it wrong, again, etc. Yep, that's the 'Sweeper' role - someone's got to do it! We have a specialist tech ops consultant who would help you improve our tech stack.

6. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. Not sure how many days, but you might be combining it with copywriting, for instance. To take Instagram & Facebook (mainly) off me and make it better. I usually only 'get to it' when I'm sat outside my daughter's bedroom, waiting for her to go to sleep. I don't want it to be me prattling on all the time! You know how to align with other channels, using wider themes that don't need me, around jackets, mental health, building a business, my appalling lunches. All with blokey kindness & a sense of humour.


  • Kind & ambitious.
  • Take their work very seriously, but not themselves.
  • Experienced self-starters.
  • Gather (demand?!) what they need quickly, then run with it.
  • Genuinely love FRAHM's obsession with jackets, real life & mental health.
  • Talk like this: "I do X. Here's proof. It'll cost £X. Expect X as a return."
  • Know what it's like dealing with a £2M+ turnover business growing 112% (really good fun if you like making decisions fast & seeing fun shiz happen before your eyes, despite the massive pace of change, relative lack of structure & constant doubt).


  • Junior folk - not yet, sorry! 
  • 'Yes' people. We need to be challenged!
  • Recruiters.
  • Agencies, unless we already know each other already, or you're small & we don't ever hear the words "your new account hander is".
  • Lumbering corporate beasts who need lots of support structures.

Contact us by emailing with subject line of your name and which role you can fulfil. Tell us why you'd be great.

Please don't bother if you're not going to research us. It's a waste of everyone's time.

Please do not DM or contact me directly, or my head will explode. It'll get lost or ignored.

The money? We'll pay for the right person who 'fits'. We're not Nike, so you won't get rich (yet), nor are we tight. You don't get experienced self starters with pennies!!

Remote or near Bath, no probs. I expect you to work hard in normal hours, then stop. Flexible working is cool. Long hours cultures are baaad.

Simple, direct instructions? Good. GO!!

These jobs close when they disappear off here. I'm afraid we're too busy (see above!) to reply to everyone.

Nick Hussey, founder, managing director, brand director, creative director, strategist, product designer, copywriter, art director, blogger, social media manager, runner... Absent father & husband :o)