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Here are the first images of Jacket 1. Nearly.

The model is my old boss Chris Blakeston, Bristol resident, Cornwall surfer, cyclist, father, husband, board director and outdoors nut. He has the best beard and crows feet. He's a lovely lovely bloke, you can tell by the crow's feet - he's a smiler. He also grows big round courgettes and gives them away. 

The shoot in and around Bristol, to demonstrate the jacket's applicability to differing environments, from sea, wind, forest and rain (we didn't get rain, it was 28c) to city centre art gallery, multi-storey car park and urban sunset.

Frahm Jacket chris blakeston bristol running active movement utility

You can sprint past a shadowy art gallery exterior in a FRAHM jacket.

Why aren't we showing the jacket properly? Honestly, we're too knackered to launch. We're taking a couple of weeks off to be curious about rock pools in Cornwall. FRAHM was built for us to run, not to run us. This is how we built our company. Sorry to drag it out.

We'll come back fresh and launch in mid-August. Exciting.

Frahm Jacket chris blakeston bristol beard serious curious

Chris. Grizzled from surfing, life and stuff.

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