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Founder Nick Hussey: On failure, mental breakdown and recovery

Nick did a talk about building his first business, failure, his breakdown, mental health journey and recovery. As a result, FRAHM, a small family business based in Somerset, officially in aid of Mind was created, to be kinder and simpler. Both mentally and in business terms.

Life can be tough and beautiful. Sometimes we're content, maybe even happy with the way life is going. And sometimes we get depressed, anxious or feel overwhelmed. At worst we may even feel suicidal. 


The most important thing is that when you do feel like life is too much and if you're contemplating awful things, please talk. Talk to anyone that will listen - and we promise there are people who want to listen, (you'll be surprised how many people will) or just grab a professional. 

Nick realised that help and recovery is possible, please don't suffer in silence. 


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