Autumn arrivals are weeks away & we're already running very low.



Sod it, we did a Christmas gift guide. We're weak. Well, FRAHM founder Nick is weak - he did this. Blame him (me).

We've tried to make it creative, kind and interesting. Things and experiences that matter a bit more, from people we want to support.  Let's go:

The Home Bar - Henry Jeffreys - £25

the home bar henry jeffreys

My home bar looks exactly like this. There are three bottles next to the sink, and some own brand tonic. Wait, four bottles - got Grenadine. Sigh.

Nick chatted to the charismatic and often hilarious Henry Jeffreys in a recent FRAHM Jacket Podcast. He's done one of those coffee table books that makes you wish you had an underlit mirrored copper etc etc...It's pretty and full of charm. Grab on Amazon, or nicer shops.

Digital Detox Adventure - Wilderness SUP - £250

Wilderness SUP

Library image? No. That's Barry, who runs the business, stand up paddle boarding. This is his normal. It's a lovely normal.

Throw your phone in a (metaphorical) bin. Paddle across still Scottish lakes with our friends Wilderness SUP. Camp wild, by a fire. Booze, food, chat. This sounds like bliss, because it is.

Vic Reeves - Superman - £100

vic reeves jim moir art superman

Superman and a dog doing a poo

Being a man of a certain age (45) I grew up with Vic & Bob. To discover that Jim Moir (AKA Vic Reeves) sold his art online, affordably, was a bit of a revelation. 

Superman is a favourite, of many. Got to love the overblown silliness juxtaposed against embarrassed defecation.

FRAHM Harrington Racer Jacket - Deposit - £120

Frahm harrington racer jacket navy blue

Harrington Racer Jacket in navy blue

Okay okay! It's our jacket, but we're proud and our owners love them.

Built tough and practical, for bike commuting, park walks and Spring pub life, it's a modern classic that keeps you comfortable. Steve McQueen would've been proud.

The Utility Field Jacket can still be purchased for UK delivery until the 21st December. If you miss that date, the Harrington is due in February and we're taking deposits now.

One MPH White - Omata - $550

omata one mph

Mmm, spinning hands. Give analogue now please.

I took all the data off my bike years ago, despite a sports science degree and a crap racing career behind me. Cycling is to see and feel, not to assess and transmit.

The Omata speedometer is an analogue thing of outstanding beauty that approaches data the old way. Choose from MPH or KPH. Or have both, if you're minted and/or very into symmetry.

Mr Monkey Sox - £8 to £16 per pair

Mr Monkey Sox

Lianne is married to James. Lianne is our product developer. She is married to James, who is a doctor, lovely (almost as lovely as Lianne, who is off the scale lovely), and has multiple sclerosis. 

So, being the positive loving couple they are, they created Monkey Sox. I'll let them tell the story, but their sox are great, come in mad colours, and raise money for MS charities. BUY THEM ALL.

The Undoing Project - Michael Lewis - £7.99

The undoing Project Michael lewis  Americans have just lovely teeth. It's very easy to underestimate them because of this.

My favourite book (admittedly of very few - starting a new business excuse) of 2018 shows how statistics can be humane and interesting. It left me longing for intellectual exploration, discussion and rigour with friends. Set out the extraordinarily poor choices even the most educated and brilliant people make, through their biases. It especially made me want to find out more about the fascinating story behind Israel's creation and historic setting.

That's a LOT to get into. But it's never dull. Always eye opening, often maddening, occasionally beautiful.

Break Fluid Coffee - Gift Set 1 - £30

break fluid coffee gift set 1

I find it quite hard to ignore the word 'dripper' in this setting. Too many episodes of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Break Fluid is local to us, created by our long time friend and occasional FRAHM graphic designer Anthony Oram. Get this, or subscribe for regular coffee drops, or check out his art work here.

Like The Wind Magazine - Subscription - £32

Like the Wind mag


I had to give up running as a teenager, and ended up in cycling. But this is a beautiful read for anyone. Wonderful writing, illustration and photography make Like The Wind an evocative must for the outdoors/sporting person.


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