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Lockdown 20/20

We all learned a lot during the first lockdown. Speaking for Emmalou & I, there was the initial horror of what it'd do to our business, followed by the realisation that we were doing ok. Huge relief.

The hardest part was trying to work 3 days on FRAHM and 3 days of childcare. It was crushingly hard, but I was grateful. It's not much to moan about.

The best part was the sudden stripping away of life's minor complications and a reduction in the busyness of our timetables. We ate, slept, looked after the kids and worked, hard. 

What kept us sane was constantly reminding ourselves of what we had (not what we hadn't) got and a LOT of time outdoors.

It's been a very warm, sunny year, with lockdown in Somerset being tanned bike rides to work, big dog walks and allotment digging in the blazing sun with the monkeys. More gratitude.

Now? Well, I'm a fan of cold weather, as long as I've got the right clothes. Handily, I make that stuff. I'm sorted through Winter, whether it's rain, wind, frost or that generally mild drizzly mush that a lot of Britain gets, most of the time.

As we entered Lockdown 2, I started thinking that maybe it business as usual for FRAHM (we can operate completely as normal, as we're online only), but a bit kinder, a bit more thoughtful. FRAHM is unique (I think) in being a high quality brand that talks openly about mental health. It feels like it would be remiss not to address this, because Lockdown has been, is and will be hard on many of you.

I can't help you with what ails you, but I can help you balance the stress, a little.

There are two ways we can help. 

First, we need to help you get out and stay outside: To exercise, see countryside. Do dog walks. Hikes. Park wander duck feeding. Allotment clearing. Shed pottering. Munroe bagging. It goes on. Pick yours.

You may need a jacket or two for these. If you do, here's 20% off what we have right now. That way you can get out, protected, as soon as possible, maybe tomorrow, as we send next day when possible. 

That time outside may save you, save your partner, or just make life a bit more pleasant. As long as it's better. Which it always is for getting out, not being locked in. ALWAYS.

Then there's the pointy end of Lockdown's effects on us/you/me. We are officially 'in aid of' Mind. Normally we give £10 (a very large slice of our net profit, in fact it's currently all of it, and then some) per jacket to Mind. I'm increasing that to £20.

£20 x N jackets makes a difference to their help & services. It helps me sleep at night. It helps.

The result: We do kind business, feel good about helping, you get an amazing jacket to get out more, which makes you feel better, especially as you gave money to charity. It's symbiotic, between peers that care. I love that.

It's the way business should be, I think. 

Now get outside and STAY OUTSIDE! It's important to us all. Really important.


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