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Podcast #1 - Nick Hussey

The FRAHM Jacket Podcast is all about exploring life and whatever that may bring. It's not really about jackets at all, though our versatile jackets are handy for all kinds of exploration.

We made a podcast! Nick had been revving up to it for months, and finally got the urge on the A303 on the way to London a few weeks ago. It's quite the rollercoaster.

To kick off, he sets the scene of how the failure of his previous venture - Vulpine and mental breakdown, became the spur for a (touch wood) better, more balanced life, applying everything he's learnt.

He is brutally honest with you, and himself. Initial feedback from friends is it's a fantastic and entertaining story, with moments of real emotional pain, but also welcome silliness.

This podcast defines FRAHM almost perfectly. 

Listen if you're potential or existing FRAHM customer of course, but it's require listening for entrepreneurs and anyone who wonders how to get through life.

We think it's fun, inspiring, thought provoking and rather shareable.

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1 Response

Russ Kane

Russ Kane

May 14, 2021

Nick, would you like to be my guest on the award-winning Men’s Radio Station & discuss your life & how you reached this point? We focus on Mental Health & Well-being to a global audience. Your story seems a perfect fit – much like your jackets. Regards RK

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