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FRAHM 2023 Label by Kareen Cox

Every FRAHM jacket features a collaborative label with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). 

“Don’t Keep It Buttoned” is a long term initiative to remind us all to seek support when we need it, and encourage open and honest conversations about our mental health.

Each year we work with a different creative to design the portrait of someone suffering in silence. The label has a button sewn over the mouth as a reminder that life can be hard, but is beautiful. To not keep it buttoned, but to talk to someone. The button can be removed and pushed into the hand of someone you're worried about.



Our 2023 edition label,"Serenity", is designed by Kareen Cox, a muti-disciplinary creative. Her skillset covers graphic design, illustration and photography. Her designs feature bright colours with portraiture, typography and geometric shapes. 

We wanted this years portrait to represent a different side to mental health and highlight that you might not always be able to tell what's going on on the inside. We gave Kareen creative freedom over whether the portrait was male or female.  The serene expression is in stark contrast to our 2022 label, neither happy nor sad. It's okay to just be in the moment.   



 “I count myself extremely lucky that I do what I love. When I have some rare downtime, I pick up my tablet and doodle. It doesn’t matter if nobody knows what it is. My art. My rules. When you can do that, and get paid for it, it really doesn’t feel like work.”



Kareen runs her freelance business, Absolutely Kareen, from her home in London. 

You can see more of her work over on her website, or check out her other designs at:



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