Blimey, our thousands of verified customer reviews average 4.9/5....



Fuck conventional wisdom.

What the rule book says, we do the opposite.

We are contrarian because the rule book is bullshit.



They say everyone wants everything as quick as possible.

We sell by pre-order, because nothing outstanding was ever made easily.

They say stack it high and sell it cheap.

We say, make rare, expensive, jackets, that always run out.


A FRAHM fit meeting, ensuring every detail has been thought about.  Shop the Gilet shown here. 


They say marketing should be slick & perfect.

We say, show real life, good and bad. You’re sick of slick.

They say, fit it to catwalk models.

We say, make jackets that fit imperfect, real bodies.

They say make only the 5 most popular sizes.

We make 11 sizes, from the biggest to the smallest man, the tallest to the shortest.


 From fabrics, to buttons, to trimmings. Every detail is deliberate & considered. Read more here. 


They say, let's do mental health marketing campaign, everyone else is doing one.

We’ve been talking honestly about mental health honestly since day one. It always will be sewn into the fabric of FRAHM’s existence.


We are proud partners of CALM. Talking openly & honestly about mental health & encouraging others to do the same.  


They say, "your message is important to us, our outsourced service centre will respond within 24 hours".

We make sure only experienced FRAHM staff, who genuinely care, respond fast.



Details of the Ventile Thermal Storm Jacket. 


We try to think of every detail. Every single thing that frustrates you, frustrates us. We want to make each and every aspect of buying and owning a jacket better, because we can’t bear ‘good enough’. 

 We want you to buy the best designed, most detailed, best fitting, most comfortable jacket you’ve ever owned, with the best service, that lasts the longest. And our extraordinary customer reviews prove it.

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