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I hope this isn’t a brag. I’ve always shared what goes on behind the scenes. It’s all part of my drive to make us all more open about the Tough & The Beautiful. And you know what, it means a hell of a lot to us. It hasn’t been and isn’t easy. So here goes:

This is FRAHM’s sales pattern over the last 12 months. ↘️ ⤴️

It’s a screengrab of our website revenue data.

The first half is me on my own, gradually exhausting myself through enforced homeschooling. Starting to fail. Downwards.

The peak at half way is my wife Emmalou leaving a decent salary and joining me on a big pay cut, only to have an immediate effect. A huge risk for our family, but... Boom!

The huge recent growth is Anne and Emmalou brilliantly enacting the strategy I put together with some rest over Xmas.... and still plenty of February to go. During lockdown & Brexit hell. It’s mad how well 2021 is going so far (desperate not to tempt fate with presumption!) considering how incredibly hard it’s been to do any actual work!

We can’t believe it. But it was all planned. Let’s hope it continues - that’s what we’re planning!

Lessons from the graph for business minded folk:

  • Exhaustion = failure.
  • So invest in working less hard.
  • Then analyse.
  • Plan from that.
  • Add a bit of instinct.
  • Check your plans with someone more experienced, that you trust (You know who you are 😉)
  • Invest in great people.
  • Go for it, don’t get paralysed by fear.

*Apply these lessons to life beyond work*

Phew. So far!🤞
Nick. 🙏

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