by Nick Hussey 2 min read

We're all about Real Life and not painting a perfect picture. Real business isn't easy. Nor are we nearly as clever as we think we are.

Many of you have pre-ordered jackets but many of you won't, yet. Why?

We've been listening to some feedback. It’s the same, so we thought we’d address it.



Why did we shoot pretty pictures where you can see most of the jacket, but not all? Where’s the detail?

For us, the second most important element of a jacket is it’s closures. The first is fabric. You can see the British Millerain washable waxed fabric already, but not the custom YKK zips. They showed up 2 days after the jacket got to us. Arrgghhh.

The zips on the jacket you see are replacements. Bright, shiny, no-brand, unreliable, sticky, crappy, fake silver zips with fancy dangly pulls we’re not into. We couldn’t and we won’t show them. So we didn’t.

So, that meant no photos of the jacket open, the collar open, etc. Loads of you are wanting more, and you’re right.

Nothing goes out until it’s perfect. The correct zips are now being sewn on. They’re gorgeous.

Super tough custom YKK hardened stainless steel, gunmetal finish, subtle laser cut FRAHM logo (you can’t achieve this intricacy with a stamp) with a tactile custom worn metal finish puller for easy grabbing, but subtle style.

The final finished (finished finished) jacket for photography shows up anytime now. Then we’ll shoot it as fast as we can, you can pore over the lush images and enjoy the huge detail we’ve enjoyed building into the Utility Field Jacket.

About time. Imagine us slapping each other, from you. We deserve it.

Ouch, Jason & Nick.




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