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A Brief History of Dazzle Camouflage

What is Dazzle Camo?

Dazzle was a type of camouflage developed by the artist Norman Wilkinson in 1917, in response to the heavy losses sustained by British merchant ships to German U-boat submarines. 

The idea was to distort an enemy submarine commander's perception of the ship's size, shape, range, heading and speed, so it was harder to hit with a torpedo. It's counterintuitive. Making something highly visible to make it less visible.   

Dazzle Camo ShipsDesigns were chosen for “maximum distortion”. Each ship was unique, not only to prevent U-boat crews from getting used to the designs, but to make sure they were tailored to each ship. 


Many of the dazzle designs were created by women from the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Each unique design was tested on a wooden model and then viewed through a periscope in a studio to assess how they would work at sea.

Dazzle Camo ShipsWhy FRAHM Dazzle Camo?

Our exclusive print designs take inspiration from the bold, graphic shapes of dazzle camouflage. We've taken two of our most popular colours, military green & navy blue, then broken them up with flashes of contrasting red & orange. 

Why dazzle? We're obsessed by sharp lines, clean graphic images & contrasting colour. Look at our photography, that stuff is everywhere.

Dazzle camo is also contrary, innovative, daring to be different for a better result. That's us. We don't want to play by the book. We want to change what's wrong. Stuff like our pre-order system, where we, weirdly, make you wait, and don't make enough, for a better jacket. Very FRAHM.

FRAHM is dazzle camo is FRAHM.

Our dazzle camo range was limited edition and is no longer available. Shop all jackets here. 

FRAHM Dazzle Camo Designs


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