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Which FRAHM Jacket? Comparing Our 5 Designs

Would you like to understand which of our 5 jacket designs is best for you?

Which qualities are most important to you? Warmth? Waterproofing? Weight? Smartness? Here's the simple guide to those, and a few others our customers often ask about.


FRAHM jacket waterproof



We make jackets to use for the maximum breadth of British weather. This means a mild, changeable climate with rare extremes. Most British weather sits in the middle - cool to warm, rain showers, cloud, wind and very little snow or high temperatures. Thus, so do our jackets.

They're fitted to take layers underneath, for versatility.

frahm jacket warm cold


All FRAHM Jackets are light weight - that's part of a more comfortable experience. The washable waxed jackets are particularly light compared to the big brand rivals, due to the lack of sticky heavy wax that weighs down the old unwashable waxed jackets from the big brands.

frahm jacket weight



All FRAHM Jackets are built tough. We hate fashion garments that look beautiful and fall apart. We love stuff that WORKS. Every jacket has it's limit though - we can add all the twin needle stitching and stainless steel we like, but fabric is the key - A lighter fabric is generally less sturdy, though even our Lightweight is tough for it's group. The Waterproof is exceptionally tough - you can literally walk through brambles (if you can bear testing a jacket this beautiful like that).

frahm jacket toughness 


Pockets are useful, but add bulk and change the shape of a garment, so fewer pockets can also be a preference. Your preference!

frahm jacket pockets storage



Wearing it for work or an occasion? This is subjective, as one man’s media company smartness is well kept trainers and a T! Whereas another gent may be out of place without a perfectly ironed suit and tie. They key is all these jackets are classically styled and stay smart. Then, it's up to you.

frahm jacket smart casual



We are talk about Beating The Big Brands. Especially on quality and value. We hate the way customers are sold sub standard kit at high prices, banking simply on a brand name.

We only want to make the best jacket we can - they're not cheap - but they are great value. Years of it.

frahm jacket cost


If you have any questions, you can contact Nick, the founder via:

 Live chat (down there in the bottom right corner).


Call on (+44) 01225 222 052

Visit Nick just outside Bath! (Please let him know first though).


Now it’s up to you. Enjoy choosing. And wearing!









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