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Curiosity defines an individual’s way of thinking, our society, online culture, community and humanity’s future. 

Curiosity is empathy.

Curiosity is listening and wondering, imagining yourself in their shoes.

It’s putting yourself in a box on the back of a truck, bouncing airless across Eastern Europe.

Would brown sauce work on Thai food? Will anyone mind? Should I care?

It’s standing at the top of Ben Nevis, mouth agape with effort, wondering if maybe you should start that business you always wanted.

Wondering what your lover wants, how to give them pleasure.

Stopping to wonder why the Twitter troll is so angry. Loneliness? Violence? Or are they just a dick?

Is there such a thing as evil? Are we all good, but some of us lost? Can they be found?

Am I lost? Who can find me?

Bitter or lager?

Chips or spuds?

Neutrino or quark?

Rain or shine?

Punch or talk?

Ying or yang?

Will anyone read this?

Should I hold onto this opinion? Or should I reassess?

The ability and humility to change one’s mind.

Is my mum ok? Should I call her?

Is Bhutan still unspoilt? How do you define unspoilt? Less spoilt?! Should I go? How can I afford to go? What don’t I need?

Is this the life I wanted? How can I change it? Am I asking too much?

Sci-fi or rom-com?

What did I do wrong? Was it my fault? What do I need to do to make it right?

Could I kill someone if I had to? Will I ever have to answer that question?

Would I die for my children? I say I would, but would I? Really?

Are we doing good by selling stuff, or are we fooling ourselves? How can we make that better?

Pragmatism, idealism or selfishness?

Do I need this car? How much harder have I had to work to get alloys and leather seats? How much less joy, or more joy has this given me?

Is the pain worth the result?

What if I just ignored by fear, closed my eyes and jumped?

What can I do to keep us free? Is it pointless? Is democracy broken? How do we fix it?

Toffee or fudge?

Lamb or beef?

Men or women?

Plane or train?

Love or hate?

This is why curiosity is important to FRAHM.

Curiosity is thought, life, love, empathy, passion, humanity, fairness, emotion and discovery.

Losing your curiosity is to lose your humanity, to hate, to spit invective, to close your ears and eyes, to give up, to die empty yet full of ignorance, blame and regret.

Curiosity stops the trolling, heals the rift, sees both sides, builds empathy, opens minds, finds solutions, learns, moves on, creates good.

Stay curious. Find stuff. Be happy. Spread the love.

 What has this got to do with jackets? Jackets are handy for doing things and meeting people. We hope we can help you be curious.



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