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What a week!! I'm overjoyed to announce a huge step forwards for FRAHM and our involvement in helping mental health.

We have a new official charity partner in CALM, or
Campaign Against Living Miserably, the UK's biggest suicide prevention charity.

We have also set up new, clear emergency information on our website, along with more on mental health. I know when I was really depressed and suicidal that I wanted to be told I wasn't alone and to be inspired to seek help. This drives me and is why I think CALM are the best charity for us to work with.

To kick off our relationship FRAHM X CALM bring you “Don’t Keep It Buttoned”, a long term initiative to remind us all to seek support when we need it, and to encourage open and honest conversations about our mental health.

Every 2022 FRAHM Jacket has a a high-resolution embroidered portrait of someone suffering in silence sewn into it, created from the oil painting "Milkshake Tommy" by local Frome artist 
Jamie Gallagher.

Milkshake Tommy

It is a reminder that life can be hard, but is beautiful. To not keep it buttoned, but to talk to someone. Anyone. The button can be removed and pushed into the hand of someone you're worried about.

The label is your limited edition proof of authenticity and we will change the image each year. Years from now I hope FRAHM owners will compare jackets and say "Oh wow, you've got a 2022 Harrington! I've got the 2025 one by..."!

You'll be seeing a lot more from us and CALM. We want to talk about mental health accessibly, sometimes seriously, sometimes with humour, with creativity. Whatever works. 

I'm so so proud of the work everyone at CALM and FRAHM has put into this. I'm so relieved we can do something to help.

Take care and SAY YOUR PAIN,

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