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A City Exploding With Colour

In the country I’m happiest in a needle carpeted forest, gilded sunbeams streaming through scented pines. I drink calm.

In a city I’m happiest alone at night, wandering synthetic colourscapes, neon washes, vehicle beams, mirrored windows & nightshade skies. I drink colour.

I wanted to capture that with the aid of my photographic collaborator Tom Hull.

On photo shoots I act as collar adjuster and carrier, but mainly shot-nagger. I often have very specific shots in mind, and I’ll push Tom in that direction. An example is blinding traffic lights. Tom is a pro, he wants to make the client happy. Burning reds & greens don’t show jackets off, they’re weird. I love weird. I want different, where I can.

Tom is the expert through which I vicariously live out my artistic fantasies. My mum was a professional photographer. I take this medium extremely seriously. Annoyingly I lack the photographic talent, but I have clear thoughts about what I'm after. Tom can translate them.

This shoot in Bristol, on a recent Lockdown Friday night, is the one which captures my own artistic sensibilities most clearly. Miles (artist and co-founder of Bohobo Aromatherapies), Tom and I just wandered Bristols rainy streets, seeking what I call “graphic portraits” - straight lines, contrasts, but always with a person central within. It wouldn’t be FRAHM (or me) without someone.

I wanted Miles to wear either Racer or Classic Harrington, as these are the most urban of my designs. You’ll see him accessorising with our Tartan or Denim Workshirts, and the odd cashmere scarf.

I think what Tom has created is wonderful. I love the dreamlike intensity. I don’t go into cities at night much now. I’m a country boy these days: Urban lights seem brighter, more lurid, weirder, more exciting. These images capture that different world of clubbing, kebabs, shuttered shops, weed smoke & theatre.

It’s a joy to create/capture these worlds the way I see them and for Miles, all ocular depths and calm, to live in them.

Thank you to Tom & Miles. I can’t wait for the next shoot. Always a joy.

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