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When Did 'Compromise' Become A Dirty Word?

A marketing strapline for X product. You'll have seen it a thousand times.

“Made Without Compromise.”

Bollocks it isn’t.


If your jacket was made without compromise, it would cost $42 Billion to make. Each.

It’s fabrics would be researched by NASA’s finest minds.

It would be fitted and altered, every hour, by a team of Saville Row’s greatest tailors. No, it would MORPH to your desired style, colour and shape in milliseconds, via mindwaves.

Get thicker in snow and lighter in summer.

Make your dinner, iron your shirts and kiss you goodnight.


Compromise is vital.

Without it, love is selfish, and dies.

We eat all the pies and are confused when we get fat.

Family cars are made of carbon fibre and titanium, but are unreachably expensive.

People on Twitter refuse to listen, so they just drift further apart, creating trolling and a background for division. 

You sit on the sofa all day watching Netflix and expect to get paid anyway.


We compromise our time, money, emotions, choices, futures, purchases, families so that we can make the best choices.

Compromise is amazing. Kind. Decent. Intelligent. Unselfish. Diplomatic. Polite. Considerate. Pragmatic. 

Compromise is what's lost in politics. It's why we have polarisation and harsh left/right views instead of the soft, grown up, sensible (another much maligned word) middle.

Compromise is for grown ups. And brands that don't fling overblown marketing promises around.

FRAHM jackets ARE made with compromise. Lots of really good, well judged, considered and tested compromises.

On our Utility Field and Harrington Racer Jackets, we’ve opted to use fabric that breathes, over a fully waterproof fabric that doesn’t. This gives it the widest, most versatile width of use, that's useful to you. You won’t wear it on the beach, for in torrential rain. But you will wear 80% of the time, instead of 30%.

The strategy built by Jason and I includes compromising on profit and deciding to make fewer jackets, so that we could build a company that is low pressure, charitable and never overstocked.

Our fit is a compromise. Not loose, if someone is particularly big, but not fashion model skinny, because few men are like that. Some are. That’s the compromise. The most broad, wisest, best thought out compromises for real life and real men.

They key though, is not to just sit in the middle of every bell curve. To become anodyne, a miss mash. We are a small, specific company, with challenging ideas, but we want to make THINGS THAT MAKE SENSE TO REAL PEOPLE!

That’s why we are less compromising of our values, of quality, value for money (at a higher price), kindness, charity, style, etc.


Whether it’s jackets, cars, relationships our even politics, lets call out “No compromises” for what it is. Clickbait. Easy marketing wins for corporate employees under pressure to sell products that don't stand up on their own.

Compromise is great. It will help The World get along. It also makes great jackets.

Accept compromise. Compromise is for winners.

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