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Welcome to FRAHM. Here's everything you need to know, in the form of FAQ:

Who and what is FRAHM?

FRAHM is a small family business near Bath in Somerset, England. We strive to, and many consider us to make the best jackets in the world.

We are two friends, Jason and Nick. We make small runs of jackets and only make each style once year. For that reason, we sell most by pre-order, as available stock is often tricky to find.

As a brand, we want to be more ‘real’, not have a veneer of life being perfect. To that end we are officially in aid of Mind, the mental health charity.

So, we hope, we make extraordinary jackets, and we are kinder and more thoughtful - curious minds.

But if I pre-order, I won’t have anything to give him for Christmas?

We realised this. We’ll send you a beautifully crafted silver foil laid certificate of ownership on black card. FRAHM Jackets are hard to get hold of, and much of the fun is in the wait (promise!)

frahm jacket owner's certificatefrahm jacket owner's certificate

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes. Beautiful gold foil laid onto black card. We’ll send it to you in a black envelope, within unmarked packaging. We can also email you your code if you need it in a hurry (last minute purchase!)

frahm jacket gift vouchers frahm jacket gift vouchers

Do you do Christmas gift wrapping?

Not specifically, no. What we send is a folded jacket in a beautifully presented box with an owner's certificate, in a bed of black tissue paper. We will take any paperwork with the cost out for you. Just a returns form.


When are last orders taken to guarantee arrival for Christmas? 

10th December, for all non - European Union (e.g. USA, Australia, Norway).

13th December for adjustments and monogram personalisation, free shipping.

15th December, all non - UK but European Union, free shipping.

20th December by Noon, for jackets and certificates sent within the UK, free shipping. EU, express.

24th December, at 4pm (then we're going home to family!) for emailed voucher codes.

How can I find out what size to get him?

The simplest way is to live chat (bottom right hand corner) Nick. He’s on it almost all UK waking hours. As the actual designer, with years of fitting experience, you can get no better information.

Or, simply do this: Look in his current favourite casual or suit jacket. What size is it? In a suit, that chest size will be the right one (say, 40”). In a more casual jacket like a Barbour or Belstaff, just take the information to Nick via live chat and he’ll make the right comparison and run you through it.


Can’t I go to a shop and buy one?

We only sell here on We sell so few jackets it’s really not worth our while having stockists and it keeps life and business simple for us.

But you can visit us, if you're local, at Glove Factory Studios, near Bath. It's a lovely trip. Please arrange in advance though.

Glove Factory Studios

We're just behind that bit of hedge, there.

What’s your refunds policy?

With pre-orders, you can ask for a refund anytime. Once the jacket has arrived with you, we ask for 30 days notice and that it is in the same condition you received it, so we can resell it.

What about your Christmas refunds policy, that should be different?

You’re right, you might buy it early and then wait for Christmas day. So, the 30 day refund or exchange policy STARTS on Christmas day. Which only fair!

Can I get an exchange?

Of course, as long as we have stock. To avoid that, live chat about size with Nick. Works a treat.

Hmm, your jackets are very expensive…

Yes they are, more than most, but less than a luxury fashion brand. We and our fans believe fervently that they offer true value for money. The quality is exceptional. We charge that price knowing we’re offering jacket that will last. The design, detailing, toughness and thought in every detail are what make our customers come back.

frahm jacket quality detail

Why don’t I wait for the sales?

There’s no point. FRAHM never discounts. No flash or Winter sales. For Black Friday we give more money to charity instead of discounting. We want to offer the same price all year round. We make so few jackets this makes sense for everyone.

I need some proof. Where can I see reviews?

Absolutely, that’s here! If you do one thing, read these independent (they’re verified and never edited) reviews.

frahm jacket reviews

There aren’t many press reviews.

Not a lot! We don’t chase press, we let our customers do the talking.

What’s the best way to contact you?

We’d say live chat, as that’s fast and you get info straight from Nick, the founder. Via whichever medium you choose, we try and maximise our availability 7 days a week, as fast as possible to reply. It's our company, why wouldn't we?

Live chat: The speech bubble in bottom right hand corner...


Call: (+44) 01222 222 052

Why do you support Mind, a mental health charity?

Nick had a nervous breakdown and is open about being suicidal at points in his journey to recovery. Thus, when he started FRAHM he wanted to create a brand that helped, not hinder men’s mental health. Plus, it’s nice to be nice!

frahm jacket mind charity

Why don't you do women's jackets?

Two reasons. We wanted to keep the company very (very) simple and talk to men, who find it hardest to talk about their problems - we didn't see a men's brand that did that. It also means we only need to buy half the stock, so we have an even safer, less pressurised business. Maybe one day! We'd love to.

Should I buy it now or pre-order?

It's personal choice, but let's help: Each style is only made once a year. Some colours will not return. If it’s available in the size and colour you want, that’s unusual and great for you. But you will pay 20% more than a pre-order, which may have a 2-10 month wait. The choice is yours after that. Cheaper or quicker?!

frahm jacket pre-order

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