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Why are FRAHM Jackets special? Why are they better, and it what ways? Are they, really?

We'd like to talk you through our choices, and hope to show you how we innovate, iterate and improve, to create something we're very proud of, that reviewed 5/5 by our customers.


We can't bear pretty things that fall apart and fail you. Or highly technical garments that look terrible. Our experience and passion is combining both facets.

We combine classic British style with real world performance.

Frahm jacket utility field

Chris at Portishead Lighthouse.


We’ve decades of design experience between us, designing for, major and cult apparel and menswear brands.

We’ve won international design and performance awards.

Beat the big brands in ‘Best Ofs’ and comparisons by journalists, coming top, with near perfect scores.

We even have jackets exhibited in London’s Design Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We don’t want to be dicks about it (we're British, so blowing our own trumpet is a social nightmare), but we want you to know we’re not messing about here. Though it is pretty amazing fun. 

Frahm jacket harrington racer

YKK zip and chest pocket detail of the Harrington Racer Jacket


The basis of any garment is it's fabric. It's the most expensive element, it's make or break, and when a company wants to save money, where it is downgraded. We don't like that.

We choose technical fabrics that look and feel beautiful. They must also do a great performance job.

We put a garment in people's hands, and we get to see the "oooo, I get it now" reactions.

The fabric we're using right now, for both jackets, is washable waxed cotton fabric from British Millerain in Yorkshire, England. It is:

  • British Millerain Staywax™ washable waxed 6oz/230gpsm cotton fabric, made in Rochdale, Lancashire.
  • Tough. Tear resistant.
  • Machine wash, with no dip in performance. - What's the point in lovely jacket you can wear until it stinks and falls apart?
  • Storm & wind resistant. - Heavily waterproof has it's place, but not at the expense of breathability, and thus the widest range of weather comfort. We're pragmatists.
  • Breathable.
  • Fast drying. 
  • Odour resistant.
  • Slight stretch.
  • Herringbone grey internal lining in tough Italian fast drying and odour resistant shirting fabric.
  • Ultrafine Italian fleece tricot lining around neck, cuffs, hem and inside hand pockets.
  • Twin needle heavyweight stitching at high stress points.

frahm jacket fabric british millerain

Inner book pocket, label and herringbone lining detail on the Utility Field Jacket


Next up are trims. Zips. Buttons. Fasteners. Labels. All selected, and usually custom made for us to retain their performance and throughout their lifetime.


  • Custom toughened stainless steel YKK zips.
  • Italian toughened stainless steel disc snaps.
  • Herringbone grey internal lining in tough Italian fast drying and odour resistant shirting fabric.
  • Embroidered herringbone brand & care labels. No cheap, loose information labels.
  • Natural corozo nut burnished buttons.

frahm jacket zips buttons

YKK zip and Italian fasteners on the Utility Field Jacket


For us, performance and comfort are the same thing. You're not going to run record marathons or ride up Alpe d'Huez in a FRAHM Jacket. But you will hike over hills and dales, perspiring. Ride 10 miles to work across London, then walk straight into a board meeting. That needs a lot of care and attention from us.

  • Breathable. Fast drying. Odour resistant. Wind, shower & abrasion resistant.
  • Herringbone grey internal lining in tough Italian fast drying and odour resistant shirting fabric.
  • Ultrafine Italian fleece tricot lining around neck, cuffs, hem and inside hand pockets.
  • Scalloped cuffs for extra weather protection.
  • V-shaped seam splits at hip, to unrestricted jumping and sitting.
  • Vents that expel warm moist air. (See detail of Utility Field jacket vents below).
  • Shoulders pleated for greater movement, especially lifting or holding handlebars. Hell, you can do chin ups and sprint in a FRAHM Jacket... (We try this stuff).
  • Longer arms than 'fashion' jackets, for that same action stuff.
  • High jawline collars.
  • Fitted for action, lazing about and a 'normal' man's body. In other words, real life.

Mix all this in with the technical characteristics, and we're building a picture of practicality.

frahm jacket rear vents comfort

Twin rear air vents and visible shoulder pleat detail on the Utility Field Jacket. The Harrington Racer has a single central vent.


A jacket you can commute on a bike in, then wear all day for meetings...

frahm jacket cycling bike harrington racerHarrington Racer Jacket on the go around our home town of Bath, Somerset

A jacket you can also quietly slouch about in at the pub, after a long dog walk on weekends.

frahm jacket pub dog

Chris with office dog Lily, at the community owned local wonder The Packhorse, Somerset, in a Utility Field Jacket.

frahm jacket utility field carrying pockets

The same Utility Field Jacket loaded up (but not packed out) with:

  • Beer.
  • Hip flask (ok, maybe the beer OR the hip flask).
  • A book.
  • Headphones.
  • Phone.
  • Bike pump.
  • Gummy snakes (office favourite).
  • Other Stuff That You Choose.

Now you just need to choose which jacket to own. Do ask us anything you're unsure of. Enjoy. 

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