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No Black Friday Nonsense

We don’t do Black Friday. Never have. Never will.

Black Friday is the exact opposite of what FRAHM stands for. So, as ever, when they zig, we zag.

So instead of big discounts or a fancy campaign, we're not changing anything. We're staying open because we believe in what we do and we have no reason to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon.

Don't buy the cheap thing, you get the next day. Black Friday jackets are like cocaine. It's a short rush, then deflation. A hole in your pocket, and nothing to show for it but the need to buy again... And again...

Instead, invest your time & money into things that you'll get an extended warm (literally) fuzzy feeling about, for years:

Exceptional because we're slow
Ahh, the anticipation. We sell by pre-order. Nothing exceptional was ever easy to grab hold of. There's also the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you haven't shagged the environment for something you'll bin soon.

Unapologetically expensive
Our jackets cost a lot because they are excellent. Enzo Ferrari didn’t make many cars. Each one was a masterpiece. You waited, even if you were filthy rich, and you loved it forever.

Slow style not fast fashion
We’re not interested in fashion trends. We make classic styles tougher, with far better fit and greater detail. We make the same styles each year (with the odd tweak here and there), once a year, so our attention isn't on churning out a new range every six months.

We actually care
You're buying from a family that cares passionately about every zip, delivery, email or social media comment. We have to. How else can we beat the big boys? By being better. Way better. Always read the reviews - 5 stars (almost) always. From men who buy again and again. Because we keep our promises.

We don't make excess
The big corporate brands have Black Friday to shift jackets they can't sell, at whopping discounts. Sounds great? It isn't. Those garments are made more cheaply, to maintain profits. We always run out, so we're not forced to devalue our quality & detail. Or set fire to unsold stock. Jesus wept.

Built for real life
We make jackets for real men, like you and me, for our real, busy, imperfect lives. Not nineteen-year-old catwalk models with slick lifestyles created in focus groups. That means making 11 different sizes of jackets designed to fit real bodies, to withstand what real life throws at you.

So no, we don’t do Black Friday. Please don't wait for that, it won't happen.

We give 20% off for pre-ordering, all year round, because you help us, so we help you. Fair. Predictable. Long term. Perhaps, even, boringly sensible.

Now go & reserve a jacket you will love, that flatters you & works, for years. Not the cheapened corporate thingy everyone else has.

Thank you for your passionate support. We're all part of a movement to make better things, from a kinder men's brand, with grit.

Grrrr, Nick.

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