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Image by Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid 

🧠 I'm often asked if they should start their own business.

I say "If you have to ask, don't."

If you know, you know.

You are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Because your idea is logical, clever, different, important, wanted.

Because you can't rest until it is done. It burns into your soul.

Anyone can do, but few people can do without fear of failure, rejection, criticism, being ignored, laughed at, etc. It's not fun.

I have had all these things and more. I don't care, because I was convinced FRAHM Jacket was a great concept.

So I picked up my laptop, and ran into my fear.

Turns out I was right. Now I 'just' need to continue growing us, profitably.

Many of us never start because we fear how hard it all seems. And you should.

It is, at times, so hard I have cried at my desk, smashed my steering wheel angrily with my fists, or screamed silently into one of my jackets with fear.

But isn't life like that anyway? I'd rather make my own life sh*t happen, than wait for life to happen AT me.

I rarely get so emotional now, because I'm learning, and I've have become more measured.

I have earned a quiet confidence. I can refer to a multitude of instances that seemed impossibly hard, that I have succeeded in making work.

I only got that by DOING for 13+ years. Failed. Failed. Rejected. Rejected. Mistake. Mistake.

Learn. Learn. Better. Better. Win. A WIN!! Yes!

Again, and again. That is the addiction of my role. The wins. The learning. The journey.

The journey is hard. Only embark on it because you HAVE to, inside.

I started both my brands because I couldn't live with the thought of being that embittered guy in the pub, aged 60, saying he had this great idea, but never did it.

If only, if only.

I fear regret. Not rejection or being laughed at.

I am an optimist. I am driven by wonderful, positive thoughts.

I am also driven by a fear of never knowing if I was capable. I need to know.

Time and again, I surprise myself with my ability for resilience, an ability to change and adapt. My business pushes me. I respond.

Things I believed I was incapable of before becoming an entrepreneur are now normal.

We all have that capability, but is it TRULY important to you??

If starting a business was easy, we'd all do it. We'd all be rich and stress free.

If you don't have that feeling IN YOUR BONES, don't do it. That's fine.

Enjoy your salary. Enjoy your evenings and weekends. Don't long for what I have, because I long for what you have. A bit, just a little bit of boredom!

But I wouldn't take it. I'm built for this. For change. Constant challenge and adaptation.

It's really hard. But then the best achievements always were.

Do what you're made for. Be you.

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