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Sometimes you get lucky

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We launched 8 new jackets in our SS25 Launch. Attempting to avoid hyperbole, it's going really well. Thank you!

The bestseller so far is the Heavy Twill Deck Jacket

I wonder why. Is it the design? It's purpose and a gap in our range? The absolutely stunning images & video? (I've included some extra, below my chatterings).

Probably, like all things, a balance.

Getting great imagery isn't (entirely) magic. It helps that Emmalou (Mrs FRAHM) and I have worked in creative professions for decades. 

It helps that Chris, in the images on here, is a friend (at first he was my boss!) for decades. That he's highly charismatic and prone to arsing about on things like skateboards. 

It definitely helps (actually, its essential) to have a great looking jacket.

It helps that the entire crew had discussed wanting to shoot near docks, as we wanted a nautical theme for this jacket, but not a 'perfect' cheesy yacht one. But we didn't know how or where, yet.

So, we have planning, expertise, the right tools, but we lacked one thing. Luck.

You can optimise for luck, by leveraging all your controllable factors, as above. You cannot expect it.

We were driving along in the Transit, towards the Cabanyal area of Valencia, as the sun began to rise

I always sit in the front, scanning.... Then I saw the cranes. The gold. The water. The boats.

"This is it! This is it!" I screamed (in a manly way) and we illegally parked, ran out and began shooting & filming, immediately. You get minutes in this light.

That's where prep helps. Everyone knew their job. Pravin & Chris had the right gear on, and know me and FRAHM. I've worked with Beetle (photography) and Angus (film) for years. I didn't need to explain.

The results are on the Deck Jacket page. I was so happy. I love my job. Plus, lo and behold, all those years to create a great jacket, shoot great images with talented people and our planning to make sure we did it properly, worked.

An instant bestseller.

We can't make luck. But we can make it a lot more likely to happen. It's a great life lesson. I won't ram it down your throat.

Enjoy your Sunday. May it be optimised for luck 😉. I hope you get some. You may not, this time. Don't give up. Keep 'optimising'.

Take care,

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