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For World Mental Health Day 2019, FRAHM founder Nick Hussey explains why we are officially in aid of Mind - the mental health charity, by telling his interesting and helpful journey through very poor to good mental health and the changers he's made in his life, with completely unvarnished honesty.

It should be a positive experience, it's not all doom and gloom and it's presented, we hope, in way that most men can relate to.

You may find it hard to watch at times, though it shouldn't be harrowing. But there is nothing too explicit apart from some swearing!

From the first first company he founded - Vulpine, to failure and into the depths of despair, some advice on how he recovered and why he set up FRAHM to have a men's mental health theme - particularly our official association with Mind.

This is particularly relevant to men who don't know where to turn or think they're alone or weird in their depression, even suicidal thoughts.

It could be a help to business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who feel alone, scared and exhausted when they're supposed to be 'super positive go-getters'.

Find a professional who won't judge you, or someone you care about. Talk. You can and will recover. 

Do comment if you'd like. x


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