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This Was FRAHM, 3 Years Today

Gosh, we've come a long way.

3 years ago we  made the first ever FRAHM Utility Field Jacket (before I added the “Original” and made the logo black not cream). Back when I did everything from the back room at home, juggling childcare and bit of consultancy. Back when we were riddled with debt, in a house we couldn’t afford and I still just had an inkling this might work.

Jason keep telling me “if you can sell 10, eventually you’ll sell 100. Then 1000. Just keep going.” Back then it felt like a far off dream. Before any of your extraordinary reviews. Before anything except BLACK! Or Tall sizes. Or XXXXL.



Now, this is reality. We are growing faster than I ever thought possible. Our reputation is everything and more than I’d dared for. We’ve sold that house, the kids bunk together and we can pay the bills. We have 6 permanent staff, including my wife Emmalou and her mum Leonie! We have 11 other awesome freelance and part timers help us. We have a warehouse to despatch not a back room and shuttle trips to the post office at Londis.



I am so proud that we’ve been able to give 10s of thousands in donations to Mind. I’ve spoken to and had messages from so many men, who thought they were alone, who thought they were foolish for feeling depressed or worse. FRAHM is great.

We’re not rich. We’re dog tired and you don’t see the daily grind of constant problems to solve. The stress, when one jacket doesn’t arrive, or someone’s button falls off. The rare problems that we worry and care so much about. So I’m telling myself how well we’ve done. So far. That the future is fascinating. And thank you for helping write the story of my, our, lives. And for genuinely helping some men live better, less sad lives. I think we’re doing ok.


As Emmalou likes to say “we’ve come a long way baby”.

Nick. ✌️

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