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Podcast #3 - Alastair Humphreys

Image from by Alastair Humphreys, from

The FRAHM Jacket Podcast is all about exploring life and whatever that may bring. It's not really about jackets at all, though our versatile jackets are handy for all kinds of exploration.

Alastair Humphreys is a British adventurer, prolific author, public speaker, dad, husband and nicest man ever.

We met on a hot September afternoon in Central London, round the corner from the BBC, where he'd just appeared on Blue Peter. The image you see on the podcast is how he greeted me, exploding with pride at his Blue Peter Badge. I mean, you would, wouldn't you?! 

In the recording, I talk about how he inspired me to take photos of what I saw that day. I'm not going to be getting a photojournalism contract with Magnum anytime soon, but it made me happy. I like photography a lot. That's what counts. Do something. Explore. Be yourself.

Enjoy the podcast! Please don't laugh at my photos too much. Nick.

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