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Podcast #4 - Anna Koska

The FRAHM Jacket Podcast is all about exploring life and whatever that may bring. It's not really about jackets at all, though our versatile jackets are handy for all kinds of urban or wild exploration.

Anna is ace. In this podcast we cover such topics as dogs, hairless men's bits, trolls, failure & eating meat.

A really relaxed, funny, in-depth chat, this episode is very much what FRAHM is all about...Exploring life, sharing thoughts, stories, always openly, never taking it too seriously.

We hear buzzards, bees, dogs, and a very charismatic woman who seems very comfortable in her own skin.

Anyone will have great fun listening. You'll be relaxed and full of human warmth by the end of it. Enjoy lots. 



Do please check out Anna's work, it's incredible:
Anna's Twitter: twitter.com/Gremkoska
Anna's Instagram: www.instagram.com/gremkoska

Anna's work and images from the day, below:

Frahm jacket dogs lily billie anna koska

Frahm jacket anna koska fish illustration

Frahm jacket cat anna koska

Frahm jacket anna koska beans illustration

Frahm jacket anna koska paints

Frahm jacket anna koska fish illustration

Frahm jacket dog billie anna koska

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