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The telegraph

"There’s a myth that it stops you from getting out of bed"

Founder, Nick, interviewed by The Telegraph about the mental health of business owners and executives, and what living with high-functioning depression is really like.


"After losing his first business in 2017, Hussey was burned out, near bankrupt and suicidal. Now he’s bounced back with clothing brand FRAHM Jacket. Here’s how he finds balance"

A day in Nick's working life, and how he looks after himself, despite the pressures of his ADHD, family & running FRAHM.


"Could this jacket help prevent depression? FRAHM outerwear is tough. But the brand's founder wants it to unbutton our vulnerabities as well."

An FT 'How To Spend It' magazine feature on FRAHM.


Centrefold feature on FRAHM, by one of the World's most respected creative industry journals.

They profile Nick's previous work in film production (such as on Bond films), his breakdown, recovery and how it informed FRAHM.


SImon Pegg

Multiple FRAHM Owner, Hollywood (and humble with it) actor & comedian Simon Pegg, here wearing his Thermal Military Parka.

We particularly love that he's open about his depression, alcoholism and recovery.

I am burning out. I can feel it. It's easy to just 'push through'. It's not easy for a founder to ignore the guilt and stop. But if you run the engine too hard, for too long, it'll catch fire.

  • 1 min read

We all feel fear. We all get nervous. We all worry. I do.

But these natural, necessary feelings, if not managed or resolved, can become a trend. A way of being.

Here's what I do, bit by bit, to manage stress and anxiety. 

  • 7 min read
We have a new official charity partner in CALM, or Campaign Against Living Miserably, the UK's biggest suicide prevention charity.

We will be giving them our £10-per-jacket donations. We've raised over £43K for charity since we started, so we hope this will make a difference to a cause that's very dear to us.
  • 2 min read

Every year, most of us start an endeavour on New Year’s Day. We steel ourselves. Gird our loins. Prepare to push through and nail it, teeth gritted.

Sounds tough, but why, when it could be beautiful, enjoyable even? 

  • 8 min read

Christmas can be the hardest time. 

Hopeful & comforting words.

  • 1 min read
Medication stigma shouldn't exist, but it does. That's why we're fully behind the #postyourpill movement. Taking steps to improve your mental health takes courage and is never something you should feel ashamed of.
  • 2 min read

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