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FRAHM founder Nick took FRAHM to shoot in The Scottish Highlands in early May. We came away with (in our faily humble opinion) our best ever images.

Local friends and unprofessional models Chris B (stay at home surfing dad) and Chris K (often not at home roof-thatching dad) tagged along to look moody/interesting/beardy, with Alexander Rhind on photography and Si Cox & assistant Charlie on film.

We got to baz about in a Land Rover Discovery too (no product placement, we got upgraded, yea!)

Here's what we got, with a bit of insight. It was knackering (tough) and beautiful(ly rainy).


After 2 hours of solid rain, the heavens parted to grandoise beauty on Skyfall Road (yep, named after the Bond movie shot there). You may recognise it. The tan of the waxed cotton set again the dry bracken works beautifully. A right royal setting for the king of our range.

ventile thermal field jacket

This shot of Chris stood unmoving in Loch Etive is the one Nick had planned for months. It’s his favourite ever for FRAHM. He says he had it in his head for years. He cried when we got it.

It’s a metaphor for Tough, Beautiful. Sink or swim. Drowning, or surviving.

Beetle (Alexander Rhind) and Chris B were in 7th Heaven climbing into a winter wetsuit & wading into Loch Etive. Weirdos.

We had about 10 minutes before Chris froze (he had a shorty wetsuit vs Beetle's winter full-body).

Don’t wear your Ventile Thermal Field Jacket in open water. Cold & rain will do.


We had both Chrises on Original Utility duty, next to some stark granite rocks in the sun, by the River Etive.

The yellow really pings against the black, with the golden gorse mirroring it.

The Endor Camo is actually Nick's three year old jacket that he wears himself. We sell out of everything, so we do forget to set aside enough stock.

Oops, saved by The Founder*.

*Brownie points assured

tundra wool field jacket

Our last jacket to shoot was the Tundra, just as the rain went horizontal.

This coincided with Nick being asked (forced) to model, on our request.

We want different body shapes in our photography, as we're very proud of our fit. Nick is quite muscular and 'Dad Bod' (squishy round the middle).

We aim to expand on all body shapes, but for now, a size Large dad bod Nick will have to do. He's not a huge fan of the camera (well, not in front of it) but he did just fine!

His head got wet, but not his torso. The Tundra is great in rain, it's a sheep's coat after all.


We finished the shoot at Loch Lomond, where photographer Beetle had Nick arsing about with his hair.

It somehow made sense with the mentalist limited edition Explosion In A Cord Factory version of the Corduroy Worker’s Jacket.

Nick is far happier being silly than serious, and was well up for this.

We're getting 80s Maxell ad / Talking Heads vibes. Either way, different. Love different.


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