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It’s tough. It doesn’t weigh a tonne. We could stop there, but you know how much we love a good detail. So…

Ripstop is a light, tear resistant fabric, developed for military use, including parachute canopies, during World War II. Cool, huh? 

The characteristic that sets Ripstop apart is its unique grid of reinforcement threads, or 'breakers', that are woven into the fabric. These squares stop a small hole becoming a rip (fatal when parachuting of course, a little less when you rip a jacket... we think?). Now, Ripstop is not indestructible, but it will stop a tear from ripping all the way. A small hole from a rusty nail is better than a jacket in two pieces. Plus, it looks good.

Today, ripstop is used for yachts, parachutes and hovercraft skirts, as well as outdoor wear, where structural integrity under duress is absolutely essential. This makes it the ideal fabric for making harsh-weather-enduring, built-to-last  jackets that look and stay smart, whether you’re walking the dog round the block or roaming the Scottish Highlands.


Made from 100% recycled polyester Primaloft, ThermoPlume™ is a synthetic insulation technology designed to mimic the lightweight warmth and compressibility of natural down, but without the cruelty.

Other advantages (there are many) include:

Water-resistance: Unlike natural down, ThermoPlume™ retains its insulation properties even when it gets wet. It doesn’t clump together or lose its loft when exposed to moisture, making it a more reliable choice for wet conditions. Awesome!

Compressibility: It can be compressed, A LOT, making it super easy to pack into a travel bag or fold up into a backpack when the train gets a bit warm! 

Consistency: ThermoPlume™ provides consistent performance across a range of conditions and maintains its insulation properties over time. What more could you ask for? 

Hard-wearing: It’s machine washable, fast drying and hydrophobic. Makes you wonder why the cruel alternative was ever needed in the first place, doesn’t it?



There's no point investing in a winter jacket that doesn't perform, but looks nice on the hanger (being cold sucks, no matter how good you look). 

At FRAHM, we make sure every jacket we design is fit for purpose. Ripstop Thermals are designed to be smart, lightweight, tough, warm and easy, with none of the bulky volume experienced with other puffer jackets. We also design in 11 sizes - for every man.

Then comes the design — higher quality, more flattering and detailed. Like, really detailed, with lots of features (created to be used with bulky winter gloves) like oversize YKK stainless steel zips, large Shimada Japanese rubber zip pulls, Cobrax cuff adjuster snaps, hem shockcords and pockets — LOTS of pockets, all in the right places.

Designed for real life, helping keep you agile and comfortable, as well as warm. Every feature has a purpose.


When choosing a thermal jacket, it's important to consider WHEN you want to wear it. Is this your only jacket, or are you able to buy for more specificity?

Our Ripstop jackets and gilets are designed for those of you looking for a tough, agile jacket that provides protection and keeps out the cold whilst being light and good value for money (not cheap, but worthy of the investment).

Heavier styles, including the Thermal Military Parka and Ventile Thermal Storm Jacket are designed to be chunkier and armour plating classics.


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